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Finding a job in IT field in Poland

near 1 | 1
15 Oct 2011 #1
Hello. Just wanted to ask about the situation in the IT field in Poland and the possibility of getting a job in this country. I'm from Ukraine, specializing in system administration/ tech. support (about 2 years of work experience). I know that it's not that easy to find a job abroad, but I should give it a try. Thanks for attention.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384
15 Oct 2011 #2
I'm from Ukraine,

maybe the two countries have some sort of business deal or work program that u could look into. just a thought.
mische 1 | 14
15 Oct 2011 #3
If you know english and have IT skills you shouldn't have any problems with finding a decent job. Try Alcatel-lucent or Atos.

Good luck!
OP near 1 | 1
16 Oct 2011 #4
maybe the two countries have some sort of business deal or work program that u could look into. just a thought.

Well, there is some kind of a more simplified work visa arrangement process between our countries that came into action a couple of years ago. I guess that's because more people started to work abroad after Poland joined the EU.

If you know english and have IT skills you shouldn't have any problems with finding a decent job. Try Alcatel-lucent or Atos.

Thanks for your reply. I'll give it a try.
manikandan0505 - | 3
25 May 2018 #5

Getting a IT Job in Poland

Am manikandan,

Suppose am holding a work permit,Is it difficult to get a IT job in Poland ?

Is there any criteria to get IT job?
Alexbrz 3 | 78
25 May 2018 #6
Yes, you need better english and a job offer to get the work permit, which is employer-bound. You dont get a free to fo work permit
manikandan0505 - | 3
8 Jun 2018 #7
Is it necessary to know polish for IT job, in few websites they have said polish language will give a better job opportunity.

Is it true ? or a false statement ?
terri 1 | 1,664
8 Jun 2018 #8
No, it is not always necessary to know the Polish language to get a job in IT. However, what you should have is extensive experience and specialization. For an non-EU person you must have a skill which cannot easily be found in Polish people or any other EU person. A prospective employer must carefully consider whether he can get the same skills, experience from someone for whom he does not have to go through the hassle of getting a work permit. It is the prospective employer who has to obtain a work permit for the job in question and few are willing to be bothered when the supply of IT students from Poland and EU countries is extensive.
8 Jun 2018 #9
Polish IT market is booming and it is relatively easy to land a job. While it is true that law requires from employers to prove to starost (Labor Office) inability to hire Polish or EU citizen for a particular job opening, this is not an obstacle in practice since it would be very bad for Polish economy if state would dictate to big IT players (IBM, Google, Samsung, Nokia, ...) who to hire. In practice, they can hire whoever they want. I have not heard of a case where starost refused to issue an approval for a non-EU IT worker. Also, "extensive experience and specialization" is a bit of an overstatement. I work for a big IT company which hired loads of non-EU IT engineers that are far from being experienced seniors, some of them even beginners with less than 3 years of work experience. It is because of the shortage of software developers in Poland. Polish developers with 3y experience don't want to work for a below-market-average salary offered by some of those big players, they rather go to start-ups where they can get much better salary. In such situation, an employer would rather hire an Indian with 3y experience that fresh-out-of-school Pole who will move to a startup as soon as he gains some experience.
8 Jun 2018 #10
It's impossible to compare a Pole with an Indian, you know. Poles are naturally inventors, creative, intelligent. Polish universities are much more intellectually rich, the Polish standard is higher.

What I see happening today is a real war against the white race.
For example, see the microsoft website:

You see there: Asian, Black, Hispanic, Latinx, .... but and the white man? Why do not I see others countries wanting to increase the number of whites just for "diversity"? Why only white countries have to be crowded with non-whites? Do not be liars, the war here is against the whites because they are the most brilliant individuals on this planet, and they are the main enemy of any totalitarian attempt.

Companies nowadays have exclusive departments on "diversity" (codeword for anti-white).
These departments issue annual reports on how "diversity" has increased in the company.
As well as the economic reports, which always try to increase the numbers in relation to the previous report, so is the report on "diversity".

What does that mean?

It means that a decision of contraction may be related to political issues and not to the quality of the candidate.

Big companies often have a very strong connection with governments, who try impose his political "social"-reform ideologies, and most universities receive government funding. So even if the company is not allied with the "social reform" mentality, it will hire people from the "Human Resource Management" who have previously undergone a leftist brainwashing in the university.

I live in South America , and I say:
Latinos are not reliable.
The universities here are a fraud: Students are interested only in public jobs. You will see here in my country people doing pseudo-"""Chemical Engineering""" wanting to work for the government in the area of collecting taxes.

And teachers just looking to get more government money for their useless "research" (that change direction like the wind).

They are hatred with any manifestation of European pride, even the smallest.
If they enter your country, they will pull others from the same source and despise many better candidates from Poland.

Do you really think this is different With Indians, arabs, whatever? WAKE UP.

They are entering your country solely for money. You are buying enemies.

In my opinion there should be a law that
- prevent the hiring of a person who receives less in their country of origin.
- prohibits hiring people who do not speak Polish
- require an examination of the history of Poland
- require an examination of the Poland Republic System

In this way, even if the applicant was from a different race, then he would be showing how much he wants to live among you.

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