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What would be expected salary for software developer in Wroclaw, Poland?

Arun147 1 | 7
26 May 2015 #1
Hi Guys,
Hope you are doing very well there.
I am from India. I have been offered job in reputed MNC in Wroclaw. I am having 5 years of experience in software development / web application. I am a single person, parents, no spouse.

Here, I have rented out 1 bhk flat, eat 1-2 times a week out, treat myself to a very good restaurant once a month or two, drinks 3-4 times a week (usually starts off with beer and ends up with cocktails).

Plus, there(in Poland) if I would like to visit other parts of Poland/Europe once a month or two for a weekend (mainly backpacking/staying in hostels), and perhaps, join a gym.

On this sort of a lifestyle and keeping other basic utilities(transport, internet, heating or so) in mind, what should I tell them as my expected salary?
adrian2302 - | 13
26 May 2015 #2
What was their offer?
With 1000 euro you can live more than a decent life.
OP Arun147 1 | 7
26 May 2015 #3
Hey Adrian,
Thanks for reply.
For now, they haven't offered any package but they they have asked my expected salary that I would like to draw.
26 May 2015 #4
I have rented out 1 bhk flat

Allow 1,800zl to 2,600zl for that.

eat 1-2 times a week out

Allow 50zl to 100zl for that.

treat myself to a very good restaurant

Allow 250zl to 400zl for that, depending on your wine choices.

usually starts off with beer and ends up with cocktails

Allow 10 to 12 for a beer, 20 to 35 for a cocktail.
OP Arun147 1 | 7
26 May 2015 #5
Also Adrian,
Would 1000 euros be gross or net salary?

26 May 2015 #6
@Arun: 1,000 euros, even clear, are not enough to live properly (shoes, clothes, for instance are very expensive) and to save money (what about going home if something happens) and also forget about vacations around Europe.

@Arun; what about a big dental problem? You'll need pay.. 1,000 obviously not enough. Sure most Poles get by with much less but if going abroad to just survive, no sense!
OP Arun147 1 | 7
26 May 2015 #7
Alright Gosc123456,
What u suggest mate?

adrian2302 - | 13
26 May 2015 #8
Net salary.
I have friends that earn less than half of what I mentioned.
After all, everything depends on whether your choices will be expensive or not and how fast you will be able to adapt to a new currency.

For example I pay rent on a small 2 bedrooms flat with utilities included 1600 zloty which would leave me to about 2500 zloty for expenses.
Driving my car is costing me about 600 zloty per month and I will be left 1900 and my friend is earning 1600 zloty.
So from those 1900 pln, you can save 450 zloty and the rest have it as expenses fund.

It depends what are you expectations and what sort of life-style you are determined to live.
That kind of work position is well paid around Europe and certainly the case shouldn't be too different for Poland.
So I'd recommend you to get interested on how well this job is paid in other countries, so that you will have a compass to know how much you should expect and negotiate.

I only simulated from the experiences I had after living in Poland for almost one year.
The lowest I earned, was 2000 zloty and I managed to survive until another opportunity came among.
OP Arun147 1 | 7
26 May 2015 #9
Take roughly 3500 roughly, what about other utilities like heating, transportation, internet like so.

26 May 2015 #10
@Arun; I can't tell you and nobody can either. It shall depend upon a lot of factors. Of course, you may survive on 1,000 but what about big expenses, such big dental work, an emergency trip home because of a family problem? When alone so far away from home, it is necessary to make good money. Also, if you want to travel around Poland and around Europe for week-ends/short vacations, a salary of 1,000 euros (even clear) won't be enough.

Unless being desperate, it does not make sense to accept a job thousands of miles away from home and count each coin.

Of course, your salary shall depend upon a lot of factors but as DominicB would say, I also think less than 8,000 ZL (= 2,000 euros) clear per month, not worth it. You could make at least 2 or 3 times this amount in the West.

I am looking forward to reading DominicB's reaction ;)

@Arun: for your info, in western Europe, the minimum wages are around 5,500/6,000 (in ZL) and the cost of living is very comparable, when not cheaper, than in Poland. Sorry, but 3,500/4,000 unless you have the knife under your throat does not make sense. For Poles, who are in their country, who rely on their family's network, it is ok but not for someone completely alone and thousands of miles away from home. If something happens at home and you need to go there immediately, how will you be able to pay for the plane ticket?
adrian2302 - | 13
26 May 2015 #11
@Gosc123456 I'm sorry to intervene, I just needed to state a few things. When a person likes spending money, I can't see how they will be able to save.

I am not a Polish citizen though I reside here and I work in a multi-national company that is hiring foreigners that are earning less then I do, though they are not relying on their families they are still able to live a decent life, as so am I.

They were able to afford dental care, dress, go out and survive - in fact, they afforded even a plane ticket.

I hope my message it didn't upset anyone in any way.
I may not know better, however I'd really like to hear more about such expenses.
26 May 2015 #12
@Adrian: some people (not only in Poland of course) get by with very little but what's the point of moving across the world to be forced to count coins?

I live in Warsaw (now am alone and own my flat) and I make between 5,200 and over 6,500/6,700 clear each month. I am able to buy (organic) food from good stores, dress well, buy expensive cosmetics, take good care of myself without having to count. I have a private medical insurance but I admit that I'm scarred of dental bills (last year 2,800 ZL for a bridge as I could not afford implants, 6,000 ZL x 2 teeth). I sure don't live in luxury but I have a comfortable income and can also save .... I would not imagine myself living abroad in poverty.
OP Arun147 1 | 7
26 May 2015 #13
@Gosc123456 your points are well above to consider like medical insurances and emergency trip back home.
Keeping those in mind, I think 8K would be enough. Though I am still to get clear picture that 8k would be net or gross?

26 May 2015 #14
@Arun: since you'll have rent to pay, 8,000 net. Yes, you need to consider emergency dental bills (can be very expensive and when you have a problem, you can't wait) and trips home (and of course buying tickets at last minute is very expensive). As per my life style, in order to buy without counting, I need at very least 5,000 clear (I reiterate that I don't have rent to pay);
OP Arun147 1 | 7
26 May 2015 #15
@adrian2302: Thanks for your reply and the details. This good/decent salary truly depends on how an individual shapes or lives his/her life.


@Gosc123456 : details are very informative and close to what I can negotiate. Can u suggest what other things I should take into consideration before moving in? Appreciated.

frd 7 | 1,401
26 May 2015 #16
Hi Arun,

As a developer with 5 years of experience you can get a senior dev position in Wrocław which will yield 9 - 12k zloty gross depending on the company and your overall technical level. This should be more than enough. You mentioned parents - I take it you're not taking them along. With them you'd probably be ok, but it would also mean much less freedom.

The rent for a studio in the strict city centre will be ~2k. If it's a big company you'll probably get a free gym card and access to private healthcare ( which is free or cheaper than ordinary private healthcare ). It's worth asking if they provide such facilities.
OP Arun147 1 | 7
26 May 2015 #17
@frd: my parents won't be moving along with me. Based on the discussions and done some research across, I think 8K net would be enough for me( as per details I've mentioned in original post)?

frd 7 | 1,401
26 May 2015 #18
8k net would definitely be enough for one person, with that salary you can probably make a trip to some city in Europe once a month and do some extra sightseeing.
29 May 2015 #19
Majority of people have to get by on 2, 3 or 4 thousand or less net even in big cities. Not easy.
25 Oct 2015 #20
Hello everyone,
I have a similar question. I am currently considering to try an offer as a software developer in Wroclaw, and I've been asked for a expected salary. As I am from Ukraine and not aware of local prices, recruiting specialist suggested 6K zloty net salary. Is it ok for 2 years of experience in .NET?

Also, will I be able to rent a studio in a decent neighbourhood, eat out couple of times a week, buy clothes and tech as I need them, travel to other Polish and European cities on weekends once in 1-2 month, etc? I do not need anything luxury, just comfortable.
25 Oct 2015 #21
6k PLN month for a 2-years experienced software developer in cities like Wroclaw or Poznan is OK, mind that in those cities many developers with far more years of experience they get 10k gross (7k net) in big multinationals and with the year reassessment hardly they can get more than 12k gross.

The cost of life depends even in your needs of saving money ...
you can start renting a kavalerka, but I guess that with your salary and living alone you can strive for something better like a 45/50 sqm flat (2000 zl with all the bills included).

Food isn't expensive if not for top restaurants, you can have meals from as little as 15zl (fast food, kebab, bar mleczny, but there's even a very good pizzeria in Wroclaw with incredibly low prices) to 60zl for something very very good.

Clothing and electronics, on the other hand, are absolutely not cheaper than in western Europe.
For good and cheap clothing the best choice is to give a look to the Factory Outlets once a season, or if you plan to travel often to Berlin go to Primark :)

Electronics is better to buy em online.

Travelling is ok, Berlin and Prague are very close and PolskiBus is an extremely cheap solution, Ryanair and WizzAir are both available in Wroclaw.
25 Oct 2015 #22
@Ekspat, thank you for the reply.
I do not expect to save much, especially at first, as long as I am able to travel without having to starve and deny myself some new clothes and books.

Top-level restaurants aren't in the question, I suppose. Well, may be on a special occasion. No fast-food either. Pizza is good :)
26 Oct 2015 #23
@pollybatcat you shouldn't have problems at all if you prioritize your needs.

Actually I was able to live on 5600 zl in 2 persons with a 50sqm flat and even saving a good amount of money ... of course no cars, in the polish big cities you can live very well just with the public transportation.

Nothing you wrote should be denied living alone with that salary.

Salaries in Poland in IT for english speakers are very good if compared to the average salaries (Poznan e.g. has an average salary of less than 2800 zl, that's less than the average in indian big cities) but still are not as good as those in Ukraine and Bielorussia, where IT in corps is really high paid.
mokasha 3 | 18
22 Jun 2017 #24

Integration Developer salary for Company in Wroclaw

Hi All,

I'd like to know whats the average salary for mid-senior integration developer (IBM products, WMB, WMQ, etc) for a multinational company in Wroclaw ? (total 10 years experience of which 4 are relevant development experience and the rest are support/operations) ?

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