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English speaking tradesmen in Poland

VikingIrish 1 | 4
3 Jun 2013 #1
Howya, I'm a Irish plumber.. was wondering is there any English speaking tradesmen working in there respective trade in Poland and advice for someone who would like to live and work In Poland.
smurf 39 | 1,981
3 Jun 2013 #2
Well horse, I'm here a few years, don't know much about the trades industry tbh I wouldn't move here without being able to speak Polish. I had to teach for a while b4 I finally got out of it and got a decent job. But things like plumbing and that, I think you might find it pretty hard to get a gig unless you can speak the lingo.

Or you could teach for a while, do a CELTA course before moving here, then as you're teaching learn the lingo and then go back to plumbing.
OP VikingIrish 1 | 4
3 Jun 2013 #3
My polish isn't great but my lady says its good. her dad offered me a job in the mines but I've chronic asthma so I don't think so. I'd like to go into the trade not great wages in Poland doh! I am a qualified maintenance technician too and have worked in big factories!

Looked at the CELTA course looks good. Hows your time in Poland been smurf? Been there long?
Polsyr 6 | 769
3 Jun 2013 #4
I would like to know how things turn out for you.

I heard from a few people that it is difficult to find an honest, reliable tradesman in Poland. I think that is a global problem.

If you are honest and hard working, and if you can communicate in Polish, I don't see why you wouldn't succeed. All you need to do is some networking to find clients and decent suppliers that won't rip you off.

Anyone else cares to add something?
OP VikingIrish 1 | 4
3 Jun 2013 #5
I've worked for very dishonest people and they do well and the honest ones do bad. Not really fair. Id feel too guilty ripping people off.

I worked for a guy who left a old women without heat because she couldn't find her wallet.
I went back after work and fixed it for free and 2 weeks later I lost my job.
smurf 39 | 1,981
3 Jun 2013 #6
Hows your time in Poland been smurf? Been there long?

Near 4 years lad.
I'd move back to Ireland tomorrow if I'd the chance. But no point, I know there's no work at home.

Better craic at home, pubs here are sh!te, everyone sits. There's dogsh!t everywhere here and I mean everywhere. People take moaning here to a new level. I thought Ireland was bad, but f@ck me, complaining is a national sport here....they even complain about air pressure. WTF!

Food is grand, women are gorgeous, beer is great, weather is good except for winter (-33 last winter) People are friendly, but only after you get to know them (strange), otherwise people don't really like or engage with strangers and are not that helpful.... although to be fair, younger people are, older people are mostly a**holes, stuck in their ways and angry with the world, they seem to think they are owed something by society (can't lose their communism ideals). Racism is huge, way, way worse than in Ireland......towards anyone that doesn't look European that is.

Wonderful countryside and wildlife/hiking stuff/boating/mountains etc if you're into it. People tend to be pretty conservative too, which is weird coz the ruling party are pretty liberal. I'd say Poland will be one of the last EU countries to allow gay marriage for example.....but they do have a transsexual in the parliament.

Football is popular, but there's no point in going to a match coz of the huge hooligan problem. Volleyball is popular too, but that's a stupid 'sport'

Music-wise/gig-wise, Poland isn't a great destination for touring bands..... it's OK, but they don't get anything like the concerts that Ireland or the UK can have.

Reading back over that it looks like I don't like living in Poland.......It's OK, but it's not the best place I've lived. I just got lucky here with a good job, awesome missus and a few good mates.

I suppose man, if you were offered a gig in a mine, it must be in SIlesia?
OP VikingIrish 1 | 4
3 Jun 2013 #7
Ah yea ive been over a good few times i understand where your coming from. Its all what you make of it.
yep silesia rybnik to be percise.
Dont really drink that much tbh.
I wouldnt like the racism and ive heard bad S!%t here too, gets on my nerves.
The missus doesnt really want to go back just really exploring options. I think we will probably end up in Canada.
Its hard leaving Ireland we dont have a choice doh.
smurf 39 | 1,981
3 Jun 2013 #8
yep silesia rybnik to be percise.

Ah yea, I know Rybnik.....bought my first car down's got the largest mental hospital too I think......and sh!teloads of roundabouts......reminds me of Wexford for 2 out of 3 of those reasons :P

Dont really drink that much tbh

Being half alcoholic is part of the life style here man :P
I saw 3 lads on a corner this morning have a few cans...prob just finished their shift down the coal mine.

Well sure, best of luck whatever ya do. If you've got questions just hit me up on the private message yokey.

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