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No English Speaking Jobs in Poland...At All?

Kazikowski 17 | 101
19 Apr 2010 #1

I need help and advice. I've been in Poland for the last 3 months, trying to find a job. I'm looking for an English speaking Job. Anything to do with the English Language, except teaching. I want to be in Pomorskie voivodeship. Ideally something in International Business field. There are no English speaking Jobs in Poland? how do you guys manage? help?

plk123 8 | 4,148
19 Apr 2010 #2
most teach it while looking for whatever they actually want to do or give up and go to where english is the legal language.
OP Kazikowski 17 | 101
19 Apr 2010 #3
I'm fluent in speaking Polish, but I'm not confident enough to work 100% in Polish, because my vocab isn't as refined. I'm sure there must be some international companies in the Pomerania region./?
plk123 8 | 4,148
19 Apr 2010 #4
keep looking til you find them..
SeanBM 35 | 5,808
19 Apr 2010 #5
where english is the legal language.

I didn't realise I was a criminal... You wouldn't turn me in, not a nice guy like me, would ya?
recoil - | 26
21 Apr 2010 #6
You speak English perfectly. What other skills that are useful outside of teaching/translating jobs do you possess?
tommy rose - | 1
25 Apr 2010 #7

I'm an Enlishman living in Norway,have thought about
moving to Poland for 6-12 months maybe longer.
My line of bussiness is painter/decorator/tiler,don't
speak no Polish,what would the chances be of finding a
job there?Salary is not so important!


Wroclaw 44 | 5,384
25 Apr 2010 #8
My line of bussiness is painter/decorator/tiler

That kind of work comes by word of mouth. Once you get your first start you have a chance.
Drac90 1 | 74
25 Apr 2010 #9
hmm maybe sworn translator or turist guide for foreigners pretty international :D
Amathyst 19 | 2,702
25 Apr 2010 #10
Most Poles in the UK are not 100% in English but they are confident enough to get jobs, even in offices...But then again, Poland isnt exactly "equal opportunities"...good luck!

sorry to say that but there is no work in Poland for such people, you can't even write proper English and you are an English man

Ive read his post and his English is just fine...You little prick!..He's a painter and decorator, not an accoutant!
LwowskaKrakow 28 | 431
25 Apr 2010 #11
Anything to do with the English Language, except teaching.

The only way you could do that is to be hired with an "expat contract" by an international company with headquarters abroad ,then you would mainly deal with English speaking departements or you may try travel insurances hotlines or any company with English speaking hotlines maybe( Phone companies,It etc)
mephias 11 | 304
25 Apr 2010 #12
It all depends on your profession. Chances are higher if you are working in a technical area, and you are specialized on a rare subject.

And if you want to work in international company they will look if you have any international work experience before not only the language.
hague1cmaeron 14 | 1,377
25 Apr 2010 #13
"equal opportunities"...good luck!

How on earth would you Know!?
OP Kazikowski 17 | 101
25 Apr 2010 #14
Sorry for late reply...

You speak English perfectly. What other skills that are useful outside of teaching/translating jobs do you possess?

I have software engineer background, BUT in reality I suck at it. My competencies include more business management attributes. Potentially marketing.

The only way you could do that is to be hired with an "expat contract" by an international company with headquarters abroad

Lwowska! that is precisely would I would love to do. I just find it difficult to find those companies, because they don't exactly market show themselves on

I know the software development lifecycle...thats quite technical, but I'm no programmer.

Additionally, chances are higher if Im focused on rare subject. Ive discussed the prospect of doing a PhD, with a lecturer friend of mine. Being a rare person who is specialized in a particular field COULD have its merits, when it comes to finding jobs in large compnies. Although Ive read on these forums, that they're a waste of time.
suren - | 5
25 Apr 2010 #15

trz in HP there ae so manz job offers for English speaking jobs or
Rich_UK 2 | 9
26 Apr 2010 #16
Hi folks. I'm coming to Poland in July, initially to complete a CELTA course and attempt to find jobs teaching English. I know this is a long shot, but I also have a Master's degree in Chemistry from the UK, so if anyone has any job ideas for a non-Polish speaker (willing to learn) in the Krakow area that would make use of my degree, then I'd be grateful. Thanks.
26 Apr 2010 #17
Most Poles in the UK are not 100% in English

It depends upon your own level of education. I mix with Polish people who are, shall we say professionals, their level of english is superb, as of course you would expect.
jonni 16 | 2,485
26 Apr 2010 #18
It depends upon your own level of education.

Yes, that and aptitude. There are some very well educated people who can't get the hang of a foreign language, and some people who didn't finish school who can pick up languages quickly.
samnslon 8 | 22
6 May 2010 #19
can anyone tell me ANY jobs that is for english speaking in poland??? i am still going to polish classes to learn but i was wondering if there is any jobs at all for just english speakers?

thanx :)
Trevek 26 | 1,702
6 May 2010 #20
I imagine there are somewhere. A few years ago I taught English at Phillips Electrics which, being an international company, uses English widely. At one point they said they were recruiting engineers from Lithuania ("because all the Polish engineers are in London working as barmen").I asked if they had to learn Polish. "No, just English."
18 Feb 2012 #21
Hi Rich-UK,

I used to teach English in Warsaw and I worked a lot in the government-run centres for science. I was teaching PhD students in molecular biology. Although I have no background in science whatsoever I can pick up pretty much anything I have to teach, which is why they hired me. I was soon proofreading PhD-level documents.

But if you approach one of the schools in the city that farms out work to these places, you'll be snapped up.

Jacus Aucamp - | 12
18 Feb 2012 #22
Hello mate,

I saw your post, i'm a south african living in krakow for the past 2 weeks and i lived previously further north in Poland, but i'm finding it really hard to find work here. I have applied to so many english schools it's not even funny and i didn't even get a thanks for your cv reply, so i'm not getting my hopes up to much. You can find louds of english jobs advertised but getting your foot in the door is another story. I'm a teacher and a graphic designer by trade, but no luck, but i'm hanging on and keeeping my head high, i keep trying. I advertised my services as a private english teacher yesterday on the gumtree and got one phone call earlier, but then i posted another 2 ads on and they send me an email just now stating they took it off because it's not in Polish, which i thought is bullshit! but anyway, i'm gonna wack some ads on the bus stops and tram stops and see what happens. Give me a shout when you get to krakow if you wanna meet up for a chat. I lived in the UK for 8 years. my email is

9 Mar 2012 #23
I have lived in Poland for 2 and a half years and was lucky to enough to find a job in my related field. (Rope access work). I got this job through word of mouth. I began by teaching English, but it wasn't for me. You must also realise that teaching English in Poland isn't what it used to be. 15 or so years ago it was in high demand, and could be quite lucrative, but these days the demand for English teachers is just not as great.

I think getting a job in a trade is probably easier than an office job, as language is not as much of a barrier, and it is common place to pay people "off the books". Of course if you are to be employed officially you must be able to work legally in Poland. Even though my spouse is Polish it still required a lot of paper-work, (all in Polish!), to be able to work legally. Good luck!
24 Jan 2013 #24
Hey I have recently moved to Bydgoszcz and like it here but I can not find a job anywhere any body got any advise? I am learning Polish quickly so hopefully it wouldn't be a problem but i know that it doesn't matter even if I didn't speak Polish or not it will take some time to find a job anywhere. So any tips or advise would help.


Jock2 - | 3
25 Mar 2013 #25
Hi, did you find the job yet? I am also going to move to Poland this year. Is it a good idea?
Monitor 14 | 1,820
25 Mar 2013 #26
@Jock2. Do you have work Permit? Why do you want work in one of the poorest EU countries?
smurf 39 | 1,981
25 Mar 2013 #27
He never said anything about working in Bulgaria. Stop trolling, dude is looking for help have a bit of empathy.
Monitor 14 | 1,820
25 Mar 2013 #28
I wrote one of the poorest, not the poorest. That is true. Reasons and fact weather he has got work permit or not play also role.
ufo973 10 | 89
25 Mar 2013 #29
It is almost impossible to find good paying English speaking jobs here in Poland. I tried 1 year but couldn't find one.

There are jobs that requires english language but they pay extremely low, 1000-1500 zloty for teachers and 2000-2500 zloty for call center jobs and most the people working in these jobs are Poles.
15 Jul 2013 #30
I wrote one of the poorest, not the poorest.

Poland is one of the quickest developing EU country as well. That's why so many of my italian and spanish friends found good job there. I'm thinking to go there as well.

almost 200 ads of english speaking jobs published during 3 days on one website...that sounds encouraging.
top language jobs []/search/languages-2/locations-37-country/

Of course if you are not well-educated it might be longer way to find something but being positive is a key.

Good luck to everyone

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