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Employment in Poland for an English engineer

Markjhill 1 | 10
25 Apr 2014 #1
Hi I just wondered if anybody here and help me, I've been living in Poland now for nearly 3 years and I'm really struggling to find work here. I have to return to England every 3 weeks just to earn money.

I'm English and I see the prospects of living in Poland but I find it very difficult to find any employment here.
I've been working as a tour guide while I've been here but I'm desperately seeking full time constant work.
My trade is a fire safety engineer but I'm getting to the stage where I'll do anything (that's bad I know)
If anybody can point me in the direction of full time employment please let me know your help is greatly appreciated!
Monitor 14 | 1,820
25 Apr 2014 #2
have you tried call centers?
OP Markjhill 1 | 10
25 Apr 2014 #3
How can I find who to contact?
DominicB - | 2,688
25 Apr 2014 #4
Hate to be brutally blunt about this, Mark, but I think you seriously have to reevaluate your skill set and find a market on which you can sell yourself at a decent price. You've been in Poland long enough to know that Poland just ain't that place. All of my friends in civil engineering and construction related engineering are not having an easy time right now. It's a field that's more sensitive to economic downturns than other fields of engineering.

I would say that packing your bags and heading off to greener pastures is a more viable strategy. Maybe even signing a five-year contract in Saudi Arabia or the Emirates. I truly regret not having done so myself when I was younger. Never a day goes by when I don't kick myself.

Or try the States. Fire safety is a VERY BIG thing there, as wood construction is widespread, even in large cities.

Yes, Kraków is charming, but you know by now that the charm wears thin when the cash is tight. No shame at all in admitting that you can't make a go of it and moving on to new adventures and opportunities. Best of luck!
inkrakow 1 | 98
25 Apr 2014 #5
Try the BPO companies here - they're always looking for people.
Also, learn to code. There's heaps of work for software developers in Krakow.
DominicB - | 2,688
25 Apr 2014 #6
have you tried call centers?

Might be wiser to keep travelling to England to work than work in a call center. It's ok work for a kid, but it's not going to pay enough to live a semi-comfortable adult lifestyle in Kraków. If the OP had IT skills, proven sales experience or fluency in in-demand languages, he might be able to earn enough to make it worth while. Otherwise, it's probably going to be cold-call sales or low-level debt collections for very low wages. Frankly, those jobs are very unpleasant, and do absolutely nothing toward building a career.
Monitor 14 | 1,820
25 Apr 2014 #7
DominicB is right. It's not easy to get a good job for Poles and you speak only little Polish, so you cannot perform here any engineering job (except of IT which is far away from fire safety). Your only chance of getting some desk job is to search for companies looking for native English speakers. Mos of results here will be irrelevant for you, but perhaps some can fit:;kw,english.html,pracy,wyszukaj,0.html?slowo=native+english&zawod=&wojewodztwo=&okres=

You have asked how to find call centers in Kraków. Just search for some call center job in one of those search engines. There is filtering usually, so you can filter only jobs from Call Centers or BPO. You could try sending your CV to them anyway. Perhaps they will find something for you.
OP Markjhill 1 | 10
25 Apr 2014 #8
Thank you all so much for your replys I really appreciate it. I won't give up just yet I'm not a quitter and still belive I can make something of myself here. I take all your advice on board and hopefully you will see me posting here in a few months saying I've found something good!
25 Apr 2014 #9
I'm not a quitter

So why do you want to give up the trade which you have worked long and hard to learn?
OP Markjhill 1 | 10
25 Apr 2014 #10
To be able to stay here I have to earn and to do my trade here my knowledge of the polish language has to improve and being in an environment with polish speakers will help me.
25 Apr 2014 #11
Or you could go work in the gulf (or offshore) and earn so much in five years that you could take at least a couple of years off work to learn Polish and still have enough money to start your own business. Now that I think about it, if you were in the gulf and did nothing but work and study Polish (self study and Skype lessons), you could come back both loaded and reasonably fluent in Polish.
OP Markjhill 1 | 10
25 Apr 2014 #12
I will look into it I'm prepared to work all the hours under the sun,so hard work is not a problem.thanks for your advice Harry I'll take a look
25 Apr 2014 #13
I will look into it I'm prepared to work all the hours under the sun,so hard work is not a problem.

Have you thought about working on off-shore oil rigs? Those are places where fire safety is taken very very seriously. They are also places where men work long hours and earn a fat stack of cash.
29 Jun 2015 #14
Merged: Can I find a job in Poland ( Bachelor of Science (BSc) , Electrical Control & Automation Engineering )

Hello everyone

Can someone please suggest for me where and which city should I be looking for as best options, am moving to Poland am married with one baby, would it be easy to find as job as a native English speaker?

Education: Bachelor of Science (BSc) , Electrical Control & Automation Engineering
I have 3 years work experience working with Schlumberger Ltd as Field Engineer

would you advice any other EU countries that my chances would be better in! except for the UK, and what are the best sites for applying!

Thanks a lot
29 Jun 2015 #15
Man, you look in ABB. you can also send me your cv as I have coonections there and can recommend you. Send it to gll @ gll services . Com

I'd say look in for the keywork inzynier and then you can get a better idea of what to expect...
Good luck
kingsley - | 1
28 Jul 2016 #16
Merged: Fresher Engineer jobs

Im a B.E. Mechanical Engineering graduate 2016 passed out. Is it possible for me work in Poland. Where can i search for the same? Can anyone please guide me? I can speak really good english, will that be an advantage?

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