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Driving jobs in Poland. (HGV and bus/coach)

20 Mar 2010 #1
Evening all.

I'm really thinking of moving to Poland (no points for guessing why ;) )

I have experience as HGV driver and bus/coach driver. how much is a realistic wage? She lives in the west.

Doing the fag packet maths for it :)
crusader 1 | 40
12 Apr 2010 #2
I used to drive trucks, both domestically and on the continent. From what I learned on my trips to Poland Truck and Bus driving jobs there are the bottom of the pile. It is not a highly regarded profession, and the salary is abysmal, however I stand to be corrected. I would advise that you choose a different career in Poland, perhaps teaching English? Or look for a multi-national company in Poland that needs native English speakers to deal with clients on the phone.
cms 9 | 1,255
12 Apr 2010 #3
For a coach driver. PLN 2700 gross plus some small shift bonuses and overtime - you could take take home about 2500. If thats of interest to you send me a PM.

Lorry drivers - starts at about the same but can go up to say 4500 if you are doing plenty of European runs.

Be warned - these figures are a year old and there has been a huge wave of cutbacks in the haulage industry so there are plenty of people competing.
24 Feb 2011 #4
hi, im living near warsaw and im a bus driver from the uk. do you know of any work available bus or other? heres my contact number... david 222168916 or mobile 609345554 many thanks
15 Nov 2011 #5
My brother-in-law works as a truck driver for a number of years. His average monthly brutto salary is around 6000 zl. 9down side to his job , he is hardly ever home ! He drivers all over europe. The name of the company that he works for is called Petro Color or Trans Petro Color near Pisaeczno suburbs of warsaw.
7 Feb 2012 #6
my name is paulo im portuguese living in jworzno near katowice my wife is polish i looking for work as coach driver to drive international speak german english portuguese french spanish and same words anderstendable in polish but not correct speaking sorry good experience in europe roads and very good skill of comunication my nr fone 00497905326934 / 00497570305806 my wife she speak polish thank you if u take a look about
speedbird001 - | 2
18 Sep 2012 #7
Hi there
I'm new here so be gentle. :-)

I'm wanting to get my HGV license in Poland but I have UK/EU license,will a Polish driving school add categories to a non-PL license or will I need to obtain a PL 1?

Also does anybody know of any schools/courses that have English speaking instructors and Paperwork? i.e theory and final exam.
Classic Freight
25 Jun 2013 #8

I am an owner of a long haul trucking company in Canada. I just came across your post.

In Canada a free website called Kijijji is where many drivers look to find a job.

is there a wesite that you would suggest that I could post my company for truck drivers looking to come to Canada?

Thank you,

16 Jan 2018 #9
I am looking to move to Poland this year (as soon as possible after April 27 '18). Any ideas where I can start looking for either van driving jobs throughout Europe or as a chauffeur (private or limousines) ?

Would appreciate any advice.
DominicB - | 2,709
16 Jan 2018 #10
Such jobs pay very low. Very, very, very low by western standards. So low that the only foreigners they are attractive to are Ukrainians and Belarusans, with whom you will have to compete for any job openings.

My advice is to get a certificate in a high-demand specialty branch and get a job in a western country for a company that ships to Poland and beyond. Poland is not the place to come if you intend to work in a blue collar occupation and don't speak fluent Polish. There is a massive glut of unskilled labor, and it's gotten a lot worse in the past few years after the Ukrainians started coming in droves.

There is a good reason why Poles move west and so few westerners move to Poland. You might want to revisit your decision to come to Poland.

That's assuming you are from an EU country. If not, you don't stand a snowball's chance of finding blue collar work of any sort in Poland.
jon357 72 | 21,387
16 Jan 2018 #11
Any ideas where I can start looking for either van driving jobs throughout Europe or as a chauffeur (private or limousines) ?

A driver recruitment website?

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