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Double payment to Poland's ZUS/NFZ?

Braveheart16 18 | 287
3 Sep 2016 #1
I have been paying into the NFZ via ZUS for a number of months now. Every month they take 9% of my pension (pension taxed in the UK as it is a government pension). I have recently been offered a job and part of the conditions of my employment is that the company will pay my NFZ contributions. I originally set up my monthly payment via my bank and I went there recently to cancel my payments explaining that I now had a job and that my employer will be paying my NFZ payments. The bank said that they couldn't cancel it and that I had to go to ZUS or NFZ to cancel. Interestingly they also said that I may not be able to cancel my monthly payments and said that I may have to continue paying ZUS/NFZ in addition to my employer paying.....

This to me seems strange and would result in a monthly double payment being made which doesn't seem very fair as I understood that when an employer says that they will pay my NFZ then there is no need for me to continue paying the NFZ. Any advice would be appreciated.
terri 1 | 1,664
3 Sep 2016 #2
Very strange. I cannot understand why you would pay ZUS on a UK government pension? Something very strange here.
Cancel the direct debit payment at the bank and end of story. I have never heard of anyone being unable to cancel a regular payment at the bank.
OP Braveheart16 18 | 287
3 Sep 2016 #3
Terri......thanks for your advice. I only mentioned ZUS because that is what I can read on my bank statements...basically it is a payment which ends up with NFZ, but I think ZUS manages this payment and passes it on to NFZ. (I already pay tax on my pension in the UK so it is not a tax payment)

I set up a monthly payment for NFZ health care and was able to do this through my bank. (I understand there are other methods of payment but thought that the bank would be the easiest and it has been) For some reason although the bank were more than willing to help me set up a standing order they seem unable to cancel it on my instructions. (Additionally I pay the bank 1.5% of the amount to calculate the doesn't come to much but you would think that I could stop something which attracts bank fees)

Having said that I am still concerned that the bank think that irrespective of my new employer paying my NFZ they say I will probably have to continue paying...? I intend to visit either ZUS or NFZ soon to see what they say.

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