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Creative jobs in Poland?

24 Oct 2019 #1
Are there any jobs for creatives in the advertising industry in Poland, like creative directors, graphic designers, etc?
Lyzko 36 | 8,464
24 Oct 2019 #2
Tons of 'em!

Poland has become a high tech and gaming leader throughout Europe.
OP Jjjam
26 Oct 2019 #3
Sure but aren't they just looking for IT people and administrative/marketing analyst jobs?
Lyzko 36 | 8,464
26 Oct 2019 #4
Of course. As long as you are an expert in your area and, naturally, speak Polish, you're home free.
OP Jjjam
26 Oct 2019 #5
Yes but Polish seems impossible for me to learn. Even Italian and Spanish seem easier with their many tenses. And I'm a native Slavic speaker, go figure!
Lyzko 36 | 8,464
28 Oct 2019 #7
Jijam, if push comes to shove, you WILL learn Polish if your professional career etc. depends on it.
As you learned English, a terribly chaotic language with insane orthography/pronunciation congruence, you too can surely learn a related Slavic language such as Polish if you're serious!
Iwrite4Food 2 | 11
28 Dec 2019 #8

Are most of the Polish IT companies trying to enter into the U.S. market--and if so--do you think they might have interest in hiring a native English copywriter for marketing efforts (blogs, whitepapers, case studies, website content, etc)? Or would I have to speak decent Polish to even think of applying for a job like that?

I have worked with several "non U.S." SaaS companies (as a remote worker---one-off jobs) over the years. I'm currently working with a Czech company to help bring their website (that's designed to sell their products in America) from broken English into pitch-perfect and persuasive English.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
28 Dec 2019 #9
Are most of the Polish IT companies trying to enter into the U.S. market

Yes, but you can get an American copywriter for not very much money. I hired one to do some incredibly dull work, and it cost us less than $75USD per full day of work, and he had to pay taxes on that amount.

Polish businesses are price sensitive, and in our case, where the copywriter was producing some materials for an educational project, there was simply no need to pay any more. The guy was happy to get a week's worth of work, and we were happy to get someone who perhaps wasn't the best writer, but his work was grammatically correct.
terri 1 | 1,664
29 Dec 2019 #10
The only way to get a job is to ask all businesses which may be in the market for hiring.

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