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Poland - Corporation in corpo, what to do if you work for 4 languages and you are not paid for?

16 Oct 2018 #1
Hello everyone, actually i'm in Krakow, and before to take decisions and speak with managers i need some advices.
I work for french, russian, english, italian.
In my contract, no specified about the language for what im working for, just my position (Analyst IT).
When i did the "interview" they asked me if sometime i can help the other people if they are busy or already in call with some customers, to help them if we receive other calls and speak with the languages that i know.

So basically im working for french, but since few months, a lot of person moved, and every days i at least speak with french, russian, and italian, and i'm not paid for. I think its unfair, and when i tried to speak with the manager she said like "ye but at the interview you give your agreement that yiu are ok to help with differend languages" but there is a difference between help and work everydays with these languages!

can i have some advices for what to do? have i some rights to claim something? thank you
Ziemowit 14 | 4,412
16 Oct 2018 #2
Tell them you are going to quit the job.
OP frenchguy
16 Oct 2018 #3
i took a lot of sickleaves to not work, so idk if i'm in a good position to do such chantage. I took sickleaves just because i was done to work for the other ones
Alexbrz 3 | 78
16 Oct 2018 #4
You choose to do it to begin with. Either you suck it up or you change to another job where they DO pay you for your language skills.

If your employer says no, you can do absolutely zero squat nada to get extra money.

What you can do, if your contract doesnt state the use of any other languages, is refuse to speak them any longer.

Your sickleaves dont really give you a moral highground tho. I'd also not want to pay a guy more that takes sickleave while not being sick just to avoid doing his job. Even tho you say its someone else's job, its still the bosses time. Dont like it, dont do it. But dont use the sickleave method
OP frenchguy
16 Oct 2018 #5
Hello thank you, sure but its depressive to work for others, who leaves the work, and you are working for them and are not paying for ;)

I mean, if they can not find people fast (3 monts still now they have no ones ) and you are working for italian and russian because one or the other is sick.

So, for sure i will be sick and chilling instead of work and argue with colleagues because i have too much calls , and im not paid for.

So, yes, in the contract nothing about the languages, but i mean what is the best thing to do in this situation, speak about this issue, tell them that i move and find a work with better salary or idk?
DominicB - | 2,709
16 Oct 2018 #6
This isn't rocket surgery. What you do is negotiate for a higher wage, justified on your additional skills.

If they do not provide you with a wage that you are satisfied with, you look for a job with an employer who is willing to compensate you to your satisfaction. Since this is the most likely scenario, it would be best to get out there and look for a new job toute suite.
cms neuf 2 | 2,068
16 Oct 2018 #7
Are you paid a fixed amount for 168 hours ? If so then of course you have no rights to extra cash for extra duties unless it means you either doing overtime or travelling.

Your thing about taking sick days on purpose is pretty weird for a Polish manager. My guess is if you have more than say 10 sick days a year you are already on his list of problems. He will have a limited budget for pay rises and he will obviously give it to the hardest workers or most valuable people.

As Don says it's a free market here so take your many talents to another company if you think you don't earn enough.

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