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Poland work conditions (what kinds of different health coverages are there?)

28 Mar 2012 #1
i am American guy married to polish girl, we intend to move to Poland soon.
I am going to submit a residence permit in Poland.
i have some questions:

1. if i find a work, what kind of different health coverage there is?
who pay for them? the employer or the employee? is it a percentage from the salary?
or a fixed amount? how much?

2. if in the beginning i don't work, do i have health insurance?
i should do it privately? how much it cost?

3. what should i discuss with my future employer? there are different conditions
with different works? apart from salary? there is something like norm that i should expect?
like relocation package or staff like this?

Thank you
pip 10 | 1,658
28 Mar 2012 #2
there is public health care --if you have permits you can use it.

Poland has a two tier health care system. The paid health care has private clinics and a few have small hospitals- but they are more of a money maker then good heath care.

The big ones are Medicover and Luxmed. Both are good- but they are a business and it is evident.

I use a combination of private and public. If I want things done quickly I will pay for it but a few months ago I had a minor operation at a public hospital and it was fine. Most of the private clinics don't have the necessary equipment and end up sending you to a public hospital anyway.

This has happened to us about 5 times- until finally we cancelled our coverage and just do a pay as you go system.

Some companies will offer coverage, some don't- it just depends on the company, there is no hard rule.
Sunny Girl 1 | 17
22 Apr 2013 #3
1. If you work legally in Poland from the first day you have the insurance. It is obligatory and the employer will take a part of your salary. All money that will be cut from your salary is around 30-40% (depending how much you earn). It will include the tax, insurance and money for the future pension. You don't have to do anything. Everything will be cut automatically from your salary.

2. If you don't work how can you get insurance?? Polish people who are jobless go to the local job office and get registered, then the goverment will pay for the insurance. But for you, as a foreigner, I don't think you can do it. If you go to a private doctor it will cost you certainly much less than in USA. I don't know exectly, but I saw prices starting from 50zl per visit. I don't know about costs in a hospital.

3. Work conditions should be similar. About a relocation package I really doubt. Nobody wants to pay for you to help you to move to Poland. If you were invited here to work, as a businessman or another important person, then probably they will pay for it, but if you just come to Poland and say I need a job, I don't think anybody will give you extra help.
Monitor 14 | 1,817
22 Apr 2013 #4
3. if something is a norm - like a gym pass, then most likely you will get it without asking.

2. as Sunny Girl wrote that a citizen (and probably person with residence permit) can register to job office and get free health insurance. But then you have to visit Job office regularly (1st after a month, later after 3 months) and be ready to accept the job which they find for you (few times you reject an offer and they'll remove you from their list and you'll loose free insurance). Other option for unemployed is to pay for public health insurance. It's 337zł per month.

But then I read that there is single surcharge for people who were not insured previously:

w okresie od 3 miesięcy do roku od wniesienia opłaty dodatkowej w wysokości 748,16 zł
w okresie powyżej 1 roku do 2 lat w wysokości 1 870,40 zł
w okresie powyżej 2 lat do 5 lat w wysokości 3 740,79 zł
w okresie powyżej 5 lat do 10 lat w wysokości 5 611,19 zł
w okresie powyżej 10 lat w wysokości 7 481,58 zł

So it seams cheaper to get insurance from Job office, at least for 1 month and then continue paying this 337zł without need to pay 7 481,58 zł surcharge for lack of NFZ insurance history.

1. Public is only one - NFZ, there are also private insurers, but there is obligation for employed people to pay some percentage of their salary for public one. So private health insurance can be only addition to public (in order not to wait in queues for simple treatments)
AllysonBoe - | 2
22 Apr 2013 #5
I am also planning to go there as I found some job opportunities suitable for my profile there.

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