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Chemistry jobs in Poland?

cheesymac 4 | 61
29 May 2011 #1
Anyone knows of chemistry jobs in Poland for a Master degree in Chemistry individual?
gumishu 13 | 6,113
30 May 2011 #2
Polish chemical companies hire Polish chemistry graduates - I presume your knowlegde of Polish is not enough to seek for a position in the industry using Polish internet - if so it is equally not enough to find yourself such a position - I am not trying to be hard on you - btw if you applied for a job in chemistry in France they would require you to have a good command of French
30 May 2011 #3
Anyone knows of chemistry jobs in Poland for a Master degree in Chemistry individual?

I think having a chermistry degree gives you so wide range of jobs that, that's just silly to ask. You have to specify the field of your intrests to get some more specific answer.

And yes a Polish language knowldge is a must.
Antek_Stalich 5 | 997
30 May 2011 #4
Of course there are such jobs available. Do you expect someone will go and find job for you?
Dominicus - | 23
31 May 2011 #5
Only for Poles and EU citizens who know Polish well. Why would you want to work in Poland? Wages are very low, and jobs are extremely hard to come by. Your best chance would be in an academic setting or with an international corporation. Jobs in Polish companies are pretty much impossible to get for foreigners, and, like I said, they pay peanuts. Where are you from?
OP cheesymac 4 | 61
1 Jun 2011 #6
Where are you from?

I am asking for my friend from Poland. Is currently trying to get a job and is unable to, from Poland, Polish, looking for a chemistry job.
Dominicus - | 23
1 Jun 2011 #7
Then he should get off his duff and start looking up and contacting pharmaceutical firms, plastics factories, paint factories, cosmetic manufacturers, cleaning supply producers, refineries, and so on and so on.

If he is not sending out 200 to 300 CVs and cover letters a month, he's slacking and never going to find a job. When I graduated from grad school in the states, I sent out 200 CVs and got only six responses, and that was during the Clinton years when unemployment was very low, especially in my field.

There is only one strategy for finding a job in a country with high unemployment: carpet bombing with CVs. Waiting for jobs to be posted is pointless, because there are going to be dozens if not hundreds of applicants for every job.

Of course he's going to have to be willing to relocate and work for peanuts for a few years to get experience. A lot of my former students who are now looking for jobs have unrealistic expectations, like they are going to find a high paying job near where they presently live. That's a big turn-off to a potential employer.

He should also contact and personally meet with ALL of his former professors and teachers at his university. They often have contacts in industry, and they are an excellent source of job leads.
rgjohnson01 - | 2
20 Aug 2011 #8
Merged:Chemistry/ science/ sales jobs in Krakow

Hi all,

I have just begun the search for a chemistry/Science/sales based job in Poland and would be interested in advice on the best websites to find jobs on.

As a brief into i have a PhD in Chemistry and have been working as a Headhunter in the oil and Gas market for the last 18 months so have good sales experience. My Polish is ok for conversation but not fantastic (I am currently learning as quickly as I can.)

My Girlfriend and I are aiming to move back as quickly as possible. The fist choice would be krakow but I would take a role anywhere in Poland to begin with.

i have applied for over 20 positions with the likes of Proctor & Gamble, shell, BP etc but I would like to cast the net wider.I am also using which I have found to be pretty good.

any advice would be useful.

20 Aug 2011 #9
My Polish friend just got his doctorate in chemical engineering after a lifetime in Uni. He landed a job here in Poland. I can't tell you what he is doing exactly, due to it being a "classified" job.

He is on a 1 year contract with the first six months paying 2000zł in hand. great money :|
rgjohnson01 - | 2
3 Dec 2011 #10
its not so hard to find a chemistry job in poland - I have just relocated from the UK to Warsaw to take up a chemistry job.

I used lots of different sites to look but the best one by far was

I would approach companies directly and follow up with them.

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