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Chemical Engineering Jobs in Poland - Needing Orientation

3 Feb 2018 #1
Good Day All,

I am African,I have just relocated to Warsaw with my husband who is Italian and my 18 month little daughter coming from Italy. I am currently looking for a Job but i am not sure of how to apply for it or which company should i target . I have got a Degree in Chemical Engineering from a University of Technology in Cape Town where i am originally coming from; Furthermore I have got 4 years experience in Project and Hydraulic Design from my previous position in Cape Town ,South Africa. I have never got a chance to have experience in my field as Chemical Engineer and now i don't know what job will be suitable in my case since i have got a qualification in Chemical Engineering with no previous experience however I gained experience in Mechanical Design with no qualification.

Please advise accordingly.
gumishu 11 | 5,993
3 Feb 2018 #2
I haven't been educated in the field of Chemical Engineering and have no actual knowledge of it - but in opinion it will be difficult for you to find a job in Chemical Engineering or any kind of Desing in Poland without a passable command of Polish - the jobs for speakers of foreign langauges including English are in the IT sector, in the international accountancy, also in the remote technical support and I guess also in call centres - there are a couple of pharmaceutical companies in Warsaw that you could try to contact, otherwise Warsaw is not really a centre of chemical industry at least not heavy chemical industry - but as I said chances that you secure a job in your fields of expertise are not big if you don't speak Polish reasonably well
OP AnnahStella
3 Feb 2018 #3
Thank you so much for your prompt answer, i really appreciate it.
gumishu 11 | 5,993
3 Feb 2018 #4
I would wait for other opinions though - there are people who have much more knowledge of the job market in professional fields in Poland here in this forum
G (undercover)
3 Feb 2018 #5
I have got a Degree in Chemical Engineering

Can't tell much in details about this field. But generally Warsaw is more a financial/media centre, not much industry over there... Besides, generally without speaking Polish, there are some opportunities but mostly related to IT/finance. You can go to select Warszawa and look for offers in English, should be 15-20% of total, in many cases they still require fluent Polish but not always.

Some from the top pages:,oferta,5796767,oferta,5820751,oferta,5793556,oferta,5784080,oferta,5798530

Except senior positions, relevant edu/experience is not the must. For 9 out of 10 of CVs sent out, you won't hear a word from them, but that's a norm here. Besides, in Warsaw there are thousands of job openings all the time.
OP AnnahStella
3 Feb 2018 #6
Great least i know where to start even though chances are little , i will give it a try.Thanks

Ok, not a problem

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