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Cheap Labour in Poland - why is there a problem with unemployment in PL?

ShelleyS 14 | 2,893
7 Apr 2008 #1
Im looking on the forum today and noticing that Poland is or has the potential for a flooding of its labour market by cheap labour from countries such as India and China, it kinda makes me think why is there a problem with unemployment for Polish people, when it appears that there are actually jobs in Poland in construction and IT.

I find it quite strange that the government would allow people from None EU countries to come and work, Im not saying that all the jobs should be for Polish people, but I would say it makes more sense to look after your own. Or are the government happy to ignore the situation and plug the gap with foreign labour, whilst Polish nationals are forced to leave Poland because of the level of salaries.

Also we have had skilled workers coming over from Poland to the UK so its not like Poland doesn't produce skilled workers or is there a lack of skilled workers because of the mass exodus from Poland.

Im just curious to know what the immigration laws are like and how easy it for None EU nationals it is to get employment and what Polish people feel about it.
Bartolome 2 | 1,085
7 Apr 2008 #2
Skilled and experienced workers are offered jobs which are almost or even better paid than their previous jobs in the UK or Ireland.
I guess most Poles would like to go back to Poland and work there, but the work costs are high in Poland (half of your wages go to taxes, social insurance). I can give you an example - my mom who is an accountant - in the UK she would be probably an owner of a house with swimming pool and a brand new BMW (if she worked for a similar company here, as the one she works in Poland for), but in my country she has to work overtime without being properly paid, she hasn't had any pay rise since several years, while her bosses change cars every year. Poor wages and such attitude deter many Poles from returning.
mafketis 34 | 12,231
7 Apr 2008 #3
First, don't believe any employment/unemployment figures by the Polish government. Unlike most countries that jigger the figures to make unemployment seem less a problem than it is, the figures in Poland are jiggered to make it seem like a bigger problem than it is.

Underemployment is a bigger problem. The Polish educational system (despite all the criticism it gets, some of which is very deserved) turns out more educated people than the employment market can comfortably absorb, many of whom look for greener pastures elsewhere.

I'd say the former Soviet Union is a better bet for labor than people from China and India. The former will integrate/assimilate more quickly and thoroughly than the latter. I'd also say if Poland wants to encourage Asian immigration it should go with Vietnam which has the advantage of long-standing ties and a proven history of being able to adapt to Polish conditions, language and culture.
RockyMason 19 | 250
7 Apr 2008 #4
If international corporates develop a stronghold in poland I guarantee they will export your jobs! It's just in the best interest of business to get things at a cheaper price and there are people in asia who will work for 50 cents an hour. I am not sure if currently jobs are being lost but if the corporations remain strong and continue to expand they will be.

It's happening in the USA right now. TONS of people graduate with good degrees from great universities yet they they have to settle for minimum wage because there r just too many college grads. At least houses are cheap in poland! Where i live in cali u won't be able to buy a house until u are upper management or in a very lucrative business.
szarlotka 8 | 2,208
7 Apr 2008 #5
At least houses are cheap in poland!

Are you ever out of date. Maybe out in the sticks but in the cities you are so wrong
RockyMason 19 | 250
7 Apr 2008 #6 t_for_sale_in_Wroclaw_Poland_25658.html for_sale_in_Warsaw_Poland_21048.html _for_sale_in_Warsaw_Poland_14033.html

That is cheap in my opinion the same thing would be well over 400,000 USD where i live. or_sale_in_Warsaw_Poland_13924.html

That's a steal! I wish houses were that cheap where i live sale_in_Warsaw_Poland_12047.html

That's pretty pricey but still not too bad of a buy. U wouldn't get half of the features for that price where i live.
Kowalski 7 | 621
7 Apr 2008 #7
300 000 apartment my schoolmate friend bought a year ago. He's paying off his credit somwhere around 2000 a month. That is affordable if you have that kind of money handy to buy it for cash maybe. Year ago he was paying 1600/month, now 2000 and it is going to be more next year experts say. He's making 5-6000 a month now but what if he's laid off? Planty of jobs to make your 2000 but that would kill him and make his bank happy.

Unemployment figures are fake as we have shadow economy where many don't reveal their income nor employment and remain registered unemployed to keep health insurance benefits.
Wroclaw Boy
18 Jun 2010 #8
it kinda makes me think why is there a problem with unemployment for Polish people

That is indeed a dilema SS.
scottie1113 7 | 898
18 Jun 2010 #9
At least houses are cheap in poland!

Rocky, I'm from San Diego, and I agree, by comparison prices here seem cheaper than in California. But you have to take into consideration the wages/salaries here. Relative to the average salaray in Poland, houses or flats (apartments) are EXTREMELY expensive, which is why so many young people still live with their parents. You'd have to be to understand.
Smarter - | 2
28 Oct 2011 #10
I am from Pakistan want a job in Poland so, i want to know what kind of job I can get in Poland?
hythorn 3 | 580
28 Oct 2011 #11
why do you want a job in Poland?

wouldn't you rather have one in the UK?
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
28 Oct 2011 #12
wouldn't you rather have one in the UK?

Of course, but it's much harder to get into the UK. Much easier to find some stupid Polish girl, marry her and settle in the UK on the grounds of being a family member of an EU national.
elioug 1 | 22
28 Oct 2011 #13
Well i think if we are going to talk about prices of houses/apartments we could start a new topic. I know where to get a better price for homes with an average salary (in my country the currency is the same as in Poland).... anyway not in Poland/ not in Europe (land is cheaper and you have the same services). In my opinion all this system of underemployment happens everywhere around the world, with latins in Spain, asiatic people in Dubai, in past turkish going to Germany, etc. Which I consider important are the rules that the government can give to companies/employers (like someone mentioned the taxes/ insurances are very expensive), so with different rules the internal market would be more competitive and people well educated + other generations would have a better possibility for a job. There is the case of countries like Canada or Australia where they want/need to get people foreigner educated as their job market has this need (just personal opinion) but this is not a rule and for sure people from these countries also is free to go anywhere else they want. Adding to this, my wife is polish and I am foreigner, we both are well educated, so I dont think all polish girls are stupid :D for sure there are some as everywhere in the world.
5 Nov 2011 #14
you are not welcome in poland...i am english and my partner is polish and believe me they do not take it likely asians being in will get forced out with whatever means...the polish men hate the asians for using there women to get passports and to get benefits....i am not racist but that is a warning!!!!! anyway...what kind of work would you want to do there???? there are hi profile polish graduates having to take **** jobs....good luck !!!!final answer.....if there was plenty of work for poles...why do you think they move abroad to work!!! they dont do it for the fun of it...they misss there homeland but they have little option......the uk will end up like that in the end !!!!

to cut it short asians are defininetly not welcome in poland.....the asians use the vunerable polish women by throwing them money or getting them pregnant to gain citizenship...even sham marriages...its all about money for the poles...they miss there homeland and they dont want to work away but the option is so sad..there is nothing in poland for them.....go to poland and youu will prob get smashed face....i am not racist but it is a stern warning...
JonnyM 11 | 2,620
5 Nov 2011 #15
hi profile polish graduates having to take **** jobs.

The problem is that most of these 'high profile polish graduates' have Mickey Mouse 'magister' degrees. I remember one of those 'Higher Schools' advertising courses in Diplomacy and International Relations on posters on public transport. Poland has a limited need for new diplomats and in any case has government run courses for new ones. So it isn't any wonder that somkeone finishing such a course hasn't a cat in hell's chance of working in that field.

go to poland and youu will prob get smashed face....i am not racist but it is a stern warning...

Sounds racist to me :-(. Most of the Asian people from Warsaw (an international and increasingly multicultural city) would disagree with you.
23 Oct 2012 #16
Perhaps the british though the same when the UK was flooded with Polish imagrants looking for work.....

just saying.

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