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Career in aviation as a pilot in Poland - what schools and what salary?

itueew 1 | -
3 Apr 2012 #1

First of all, I'm sorry, my English is very bad.

I live in Turkey. I will come to Poland to attend university, and I think to be permanent. Career recommendation about what to read in Poland? (What is the maximum salary of the career?)

Is there a university in Poland who trained as pilots? (Airways in order to work ...)
Looker - | 1,047
14 Nov 2014 #2
If the pilotage of an airliner is your dream, you need to have the Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL). And in order to obtain it you should get into one of two schools in Poland that provide such allowances - Rzeszów University of Technology

and the State School of Higher Vocational Education in Chelm:

You can also go for separate theoretical training which prepares to acquire the license - location Mielec, price 3.500PLN, see:

But as you probably know education does not end there, because in aviation each category of machine, type of flying, and even the type of machine - requires a separate license.

To become a military pilot you need to be learned at the Polish Air Force Academy in Dęblin:

Pilots earnings in Poland differ depends on the reputation of the company for which they work, their skills and experience. The average (airliner) salary is approx. 10 thousand PLN for month, but that's not all, because in addition to this pilots often get also extras, bonuses, allowances, etc.

Home / Work / Career in aviation as a pilot in Poland - what schools and what salary?
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