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British living in Poland - looking for work?

31 Dec 2014 #1
I am English come from Brighton and I am living in Poland I have all the papers I need to stay here , I have been here now for 16 months and I like it here only problem is I can not speek Polish and would like to do something a little work, I speak and write German and English ( lived in Germany for 15 years,) maybe someone on this forum has some tips Barrie Watson
DominicB - | 2,707
31 Dec 2014 #2
Barrie, what do you expect to hear? Without serious qualifications and experience, the best you are likely to find on the highly competitive Polish job market is a job in cold-call sales or low-level bill collections at a call center, lousy work that pays lousy wages, perhaps too little for you to survive on comfortably in Poland.

My advice would be to go back to the UK, go back to school, and earn a degree or learn a trade that means something on the job market. Otherwise, your life is going to $uck big time, especially in a country with a highly competitive job market like Poland.

PS: If you are a native speaker of English, be advised that your writing is at elementary school level, and that will not make a good impression on potential employers. If your communications skills are lacking, you might not even find a job in a lousy call center.

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