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EU Blue Card for Poland. Which salary is needed?

pegi100 - | 1
21 Jan 2016 #31
Hi guys
would you please tell me the procedure for blue card in krakow
Ksenia17 - | 5
1 Feb 2016 #32
Dear Pegi100
Procedure depends on skills you have, location in Poland you will chose as well as on status of your employer.
Currently monthly income criteria for Blue Card in Poland is set at 5676 PLN (​
If any further assistance needed - feel free to get in touch. We assist in planning your stay in any city in Poland (including assistance to family members)
Harry84 1 | 80
4 Feb 2016 #33

Currently I am staying in Hungary from last one year but now i got the opportunity from poland employer.
So someone can suggest that, can i apply for D type visa or go for blue card option ?

I am going to move poland first time for long term so please advice on this.

Thanks you.

23 Jul 2016 #34
Currently i am working in poland with temporary work permit and being promoted to reach the salary required for blue card. Could someone please suggest if i can apply to european blue card in poland? I have Karta Pobytu for certain period. I have to apply again to change the decision, can i apply for Blue card this time? Is european blue card applicable to IT professionals also?

Need advice.
allomani - | 1
25 Jan 2017 #35

Blue Card, is university degree assessment is required ?


I'm preparing to apply for blue card and i'm wondering if any assessment for university degree which granted outside EU is required ?

i have bachelor degree granted by university in Egypt and assessed by toronto university in canada.
gurmisra - | 1
12 Jul 2017 #36
Do you have any update for your Blue Card processing ?
Harry84 1 | 80
13 Jul 2017 #37

I am applying Blue card by this month.

sukhi0077 - | 1
24 Jul 2017 #38

Blue card Application

Hi All, Is it mandatory to submit birth certificate while applying for a blue card in Poland.
Thanks in Advance
Harry84 1 | 80
25 Jul 2017 #39
No, its not mandatory to submit the birth certificate.
for more details -

Aquarian - | 21
7 Sep 2017 #40
Hi Harry84
Are you applying Bluecard by yourself? or your employer is filing for you ?
also could you please let me know whats the difference between temporary work permit and Blue Card and their dependent visa policy

thanks ahead
Harry84 1 | 80
16 Sep 2017 #41
I have applied by my own and decision date would be next month, there are two advantage of blue card over the TRC,
1) Once you get blue card then your spouse can work without work permit(but need to apply her blue card based on your dependency )
2) after 2 years staying with same employer then no need to require any further work permit process if you change the job or you will get promoted in same company.

ankur129 - | 2
26 Sep 2017 #42

I need some information regarding Blue Card application in Poland. Does Bachelor of Technology degree in India is considered as "higher professional qualifications" for Blue Card application in Poland? My appointment date is next week and I need some urgent information. Can you please provide your phone number so I could contact you?

27 Dec 2017 #44
Hello! And what about Blue card for Spain?? Maybe do you have some information about it. Or does not make any difference what country? I found a lot of information in this site: but i want to know more. Thanks for all answers.
Sergiusz 6 | 24
21 Nov 2018 #45

Blue Card for ESL teachers in Poland

Does anybody know if it's possible to get a teaching job that offers Karta Niebieska? Realistically, having a degree, experience and a CELTA certificate - what are the chances?
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
21 Nov 2018 #46
Next to none. Even those with an MA/PhD and DELTA will find it very difficult, because the salaries simply aren't high enough.
Sergiusz 6 | 24
21 Nov 2018 #47
Yep, that was my thought.. One of the conditions is high salary, and the schools just don't offer that.. :(

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