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Belgian applying for a financial job in Poland with question

olivier44 1 | 4
26 Jun 2009 #1
DzieƄ dobry everybody

A new country, language and culture. Lots of challenges to face as a Dutch/French/English speaking Master student specialized in finance. I'm now doing an internship as an AM consultant in Paris.

For me, as many among us I guess, our private life is THE reason to move to Poland. I want to start working in september/oktober 2009 on the financial market in Poland (Krakow or Warszawa). I'm starting to get more and more nervous about the idea, but I'm determined that in Poland lies my future with my girl.

But there is no future if you don't have a job and that's the main problem of everyone on this forum. Therefore I'm wondering what happened to all these people who have posted on this forum saying they were looking for a job. Did you guys actually find a job in Poland ? Where do you work now and how long has it taken you to actually find a job ?


Ziemowit 13 | 4,352
26 Jun 2009 #2
I am curious what happened to all these foreign people who have posted on this forum saying they were looking for a job in Poland. Most of them were looking for a job in teaching English, and some of them reacted with disbelief when I told them that the market changed and companies in Poland were cutting down on overheads ... You will probably not get many replies, as those who have not been successful will not bother to come back, for others the process may still continue ... The financial sector here has been not in such a trouble as elsewhere in (Western) Europe ... If I were you, I would be trying banks such as SocGen (they have an office in Warsaw) or that what has remained of the Belgian Fortis Bank. Fortis offices were once visible in all major cities of Poland, but I don't know what has happened to them since, whether their Polish operations have merged with or have been sold to another bank ...

Bon courage à vous !
Czestochowa 9 | 50
30 Jun 2009 #3

I've had some experience working in the financial sector in Poland, I worked in the finance markets in London for a few years and had the opportunity to work on some projects for one of our subsidiaries based in Poland.

I was already dating a Polish girl at the time so this tied in quite nicely to our plans.

You might find some positions within the companies who have taken over ABN Amro such as Fortis (own Polska SA) and Santander who have a number of Polish branches, I've previously worked for Santander and have contacts there if you want me to enquire on current positions available.

Some finance skills such as mathematics, accounting, project management can be transfered to other roles if you struggle to find banking jobs. I ended up leaving banking and starting an internet company which I continue to do now.

What you say is correct, whilst you can have the perfect relationship you need a balanced life which involves a career. Best of luck with it!
terri 1 | 1,664
30 Jun 2009 #4
Try one of the Big 4 Auditing firms. PriceWaterhouseCoopers et al. They are always on the lookout for staff. But be prepared to give your life and soul to the company.
dxx 12 | 108
1 Jul 2009 #5
Hi Olivier,

I am a Belgian myself and working in Krakow for a multinational company in Finance.
You can always send me a private msg if you need more info.

OP olivier44 1 | 4
7 Jul 2009 #6
Dear all,

Thank you for your answer. Concerning to the people who offered their help/advice to me on this forum, I can't send you guys a private message cause I have to post at least 3 useful forum messages to gain access (polish policy of this forum ;-))

You can always contact me on @yahoo

Thanks in advance for your help!


webcrawler 2 | 5
18 Feb 2010 #7
but definitetly there is a lot of scope in your feild here in finance and accounting

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