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Average salary for software engineer in an IT company in Poland with a 7 year experience in Java/J2ee Eclipse.

13 Jun 2016 #1
Hi All,

What is the average salary that a software engineer should expect from an IT company in Poland with a 7 year experience in Java/J2ee Eclipse.

I am moving for a long term assignment. I have a wife and a expecting baby next year. What should I quote as an expected salary and live comfortably?

Please reply soon, I need to tell my expected salary soon.
Atch 17 | 3,686
13 Jun 2016 #2
Salaries are higher in Warsaw. But as for the rest, if the position carries the title 'senior software engineer' it could be anywhere between 12,000 and 20,000PLN gross per month, depends on the company, your exact experience and how relevant it is to the post you're applying for. Try looking on the website 'glassdoor' for information on salaries, company reviews etc.
OP Mr.Alex
13 Jun 2016 #3
I am an Indian and currently located in India. My exact experience is 7 years and I am being hired by a CMMI 5 company with more than 9000+ employees, for a very specific and relevant skill.

On glassdoor I am not able to find any salary info for this company in Poland. Please share any info.
13 Jun 2016 #4
from which company you have got the offer??
OP Mr.Alex
13 Jun 2016 #5
I will be working either in Krakow or Wrocław.
13 Jun 2016 #6
and where will you be actually posted??
OP Mr.Alex
13 Jun 2016 #7
Globallogic. Either in Krakow or Wrocław.

@prithvi : Are you saying in Poland?
13 Jun 2016 #8
@Alex: no actually i am also an indian and in process with A poland firm for java position only..
that firm offers around at max 13k pln for senior software engineer post... since your experience is more than me... you can ask for minimum 15k pln... and ,ind you whatever you ask as gross 30% of it will be deducted as tax so at 15k gross your net salary will be around 11k max.
OP Mr.Alex
13 Jun 2016 #9
@Prithvi : ok .I was actually thinking to quote way less... Is it that only if you are in Warsaw you can expect around 12-15k and in other places it is way too less..what is your exp and which company are you processing for and how much are you getting?
13 Jun 2016 #10
@Alex : i have not been given final offer but already told that at max we will offer 13k .. but it can be less based on the interview as well....

and most of the prices and salaries are similar across all poland.. i have done enough research...
you can take my number for offline discussion.. 919916036914
3 Aug 2016 #11
@Prithvi / @Alex : Have you guys moved to Poland?
2 Jan 2017 #12

I am also an Indian and wanna know how much salary I can expect for these locations in Poland (Krakow, Zabierzow, Gdansk or Wroclaw) as of now they are offering me 11k PLN per month.

DominicB - | 2,709
3 Jan 2017 #13

It's very high if you are a junior engineer. It's very low if you have a lot of experience in SAP or HBase. Salaries in that range go to very experienced programmers with an exotic toolkit, experienced project managers, regional managers or mid-level administrators.
Raj_G - | 1
7 Feb 2017 #14
Hello Prithvi,

Are you already joined in Poland post. What was the max offering from them(net/gross). What will be the actual avg savings( or total live of cost) we can have there. Please let me know.It will help me to take further decision.


Hello Vivek89 ,

Is that 11K Net/Gross ? What is your work exp. in terms of year..

29 Jul 2017 #15
@Alex/Prithvi: r u guys moved to Poland..need some info from you. Thanks in advance.

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