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What's the average salary of a construction worker in Poland?

rant2012 4 | 16
29 Jan 2012 #1
Hey Guys,
I'm curious what the average monthly salary of a Polish construction worker is now? Did wages go up last year for all the work that had to be carried out? Someone told me salaries are really low.
gumishu 15 | 6,184
30 Jan 2012 #2
if you are skilled (like a plumber) you can earn decent money (for Polish standards) - it's those who are less skilled (or who don't have enough equipmentor courage) who work for other people as hand who earn peanuts
pip 10 | 1,658
30 Jan 2012 #3
depends what kind of work you are talking about. my carpenter makes good money but he pays the guys that work for him only about 2000 pln per month. but they are also learning on the job.
OP rant2012 4 | 16
30 Jan 2012 #4
That's interesting, according to the EU stats the average construction worker got in or around the 2,000 mark with 30% in deductions. If you're saying trainees make this then, thats clearly rubbish. I wonder did wages go up with demand for 2012?
pip 10 | 1,658
30 Jan 2012 #5
I couldn't really answer that. My carpenter is also in Warsaw where generally speaking people make more money. If you are talking about an average- Warsaw is at the high end of the scale- but this is also why in Warsaw many people will hire general laborers from other parts of Poland- they are cheaper.
1 Dec 2014 #6
Merged: Construction company salary costs in Poland

Hi all,

I am looking into starting up a construction company in poland, probably radom area. I have a company based in the Netherlands and we outsource work to poland, we are now looking in the possibility to start up a company ourselves.

For the start of the company i will need to hire 3-4 people: 2 welders, 1 metalworker, 1 "director".

I did some research on the internet for salaries and came up with the following:
- welder: 2600 zloty per month nett, 3700 gross, employers costs 4450
- metalworker: 2400 zloty per month nett, 3350 gross, employers costs 4000
- director: 3500 zloty per mont nett, 4900 gross, employers costs 5880

Whould this be considered normal?

Looker - | 1,134
1 Dec 2014 #7
Beside experience and many other important factors it depends also from the city - bigger city = bigger salary mostly.
But overall the amounts you provided seem reasonable to me.
2 Dec 2014 #8
Dear Looker,

thanks for the confirmation.

Is there a polish website where I can check if the employers costs are correct? Its hard for me to find the calculation from gross to employers costs, it seems to be roughly Gross +20%
Monitor 14 | 1,817
2 Dec 2014 #9
As for welder if quality matters and you will need him in the area with lower unemployment or travel around Poland, then he should be getting closer to 5000 net.

Check that:

What you wrote for director is also absolute minimum in small town with big unemployment.
2 Dec 2014 #10
thanks for your reply.

Thanks for the link; its hard for me to read but after google translation I read a lot of variation and a lot of amounts that seems to be of polish workers working abroad.

Our main work will be medium quality MIG welding, no special TIG etc certificates are needed.

With +/- 15 zloty nett per hour and a gross of 20.5 zloty it seems quite realistic to me?

Regarding the director, the director is not really the right title, however I need somebody with a technical background (engineer with experience) to lead the company, that can do communication to to us(english or German) and lead the employers. I will give him an extra share of the profit to motivate him.
Monitor 14 | 1,817
2 Dec 2014 #11
Here you have more salaries:,ile-zarabia-Spawacz -scroll down for comments.,spawacz,pid,195,zarobki-wyniki.html

It looks that in eastern Poland salaries are 30- 100% lower than in the most expensive locations. So if you can employ them for example in Podlaskie voivodship, then 2500 PLN net could be enough for welders. Engineers earn there not much too.
Levi_BR 6 | 219
2 Dec 2014 #12
100% lowe

Something that is 100% lower is equal to zero....
Monitor 14 | 1,817
2 Dec 2014 #13
lol, you're right. I was thinking about 30% - 100% higher in the west (with some exceptions) than in the east.
2 Dec 2014 #14
Thanks for the answeres.

Is there a polish website where I can see monthly rental price per m2 for company buildings? I am looking in an area between Radom and Skarzysko-Karmienna

Monitor 14 | 1,817
2 Dec 2014 #15
Here you are:
8 Dec 2014 #16
I am sorry for my late response.

but thanks for all the help!

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