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Average Salary - Business Intelligence (BI) Role in Poland

1 Mar 2016 #1
Hi all.

I would need your help to know which is the standard salary in Poland for a professional with experience in BI.
We are looking for professional with experience in Big Data (Hadoop), Informatica PowerCenter...
As I wrote in another post we are starting the steps to consolidate a company in Poland and we are needing info regarding the cost of some IT professionals.

Thanks in advance for your support.
1 Mar 2016 #2
Hi there.

15-17k zloty should get you a pretty decent guy with those skills and experience.

Other way that not much employers are choosing, and which I consider good, is to pick an eager junior technical graduate and let him learn by doing. This way you will get motivated specialist for half the money. However in around 2 years when he will mature - you will have to match the market compensation or let him go.
OP CreationCompany
2 Mar 2016 #3
Thank you very much AngryPole1 for your comments.

They are very useful for us.


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