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Average monthly salary in Poland is around 1000 PLN (few hundred bucks).

16 Dec 2006 #31
Dec 16, 06 [10:45] - Attached on merging:
What is the average pole salary?

Im just interested to know what is the average polish salary/wages out there?

I'll be more specific ; Wages for out of city dwellers, like small towns, borne sulinowo for example, and then compared with Warsaw, Gdansk, sopot, ect you get the gisk.
20 Dec 2006 #32
People have to remmeber the different from average salary and median salary.

Average salary is always distorted by the high earners For example in the UK the average salary is supposedly £26,000. However the median salary is £14,000.
Matyjasz 2 | 1,544
20 Dec 2006 #33
Good point ikling. :)
19 Jan 2007 #34
30 Mar 2007 #35
The government is not lying: according to the Poland Central Statistical Office, the average gross income varies between 1200 zlotys for a chambermaid to 2000 zlotys for a bus driver.

Other jobs are listed here:

cool site by the way: seems to work.
5 Apr 2007 #36
Driver has more...
4000-6000 (europian tansit - 18 days in month)
taxi drivers 3000 - 4000

and other examles
in my office (architecture)
at start 2500
after2-3 years 4000 - 5000
chief of teem about 6000 + motivation bonus
cleaning lady 1500
20 Sep 2007 #37
I might move to work in Wroclaw in wireless telecom as engineer. What do you think i can get per month after tax(Euros)?
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161
20 Sep 2007 #38
What exactly kind of job will you get ?
paperscratcher - | 6
26 Mar 2008 #39
Yup. After reading this thread you shouldn't be surprised that so many people are fleeing to England.
26 Mar 2008 #40
Hi guys,

I am a seasoned IT professional( Advanced degree) with 6 years work exp in the USA
( Health care, Telecommunications and Consulting background) looking for a career in IT management in Poland.
How hard is it to land a job in IT management and what is the pay structure like ?
Do any of you know any recruiters?
I am interested in opportunities around the Krakow area.

Look forward to hearing from all.

thank you.
1 Apr 2008 #41
That is absolute ********!! The average wage in Poland is around 2500 PLN a month.. In Warsaw it's 4200 PLN.. no guff, no opinion. I live here, it is what it is..
VaFunkoolo 6 | 654
1 Apr 2008 #42
Ive got friends who earn 10 tys zl a month for doing bugger all, Ive got friends who earn the suposed monthly average for a few days work, I have friends who struggle to make ends meet on less than 10 zl an hour and I have friends who support their parents who survive for a month on what some tourists spend a night on beer.
Eurola 4 | 1,907
13 Apr 2008 #44
When you list the earnings 2500, 4200 or 10000...whatever, is it net pay or with taxes?
13 May 2008 #45
Average salary in Poland in q1 2008 reached 2983,98 zł gross. Thats 1362 $ and 883 euro.
Polson 5 | 1,770
13 May 2008 #46
And i think that the average salary in Warsaw is $30,000, right ?
Can someone tell me the average salary in Silesia, which is, if i remember well, the second richest region ?
Krzysztof 2 | 973
13 May 2008 #47
Silesia isn't, but Katowice (together with Gdańsk) are on the first two places, Warsaw is only third (in recent statistics, Warsaw was always 1st before), anyway the differences are very small (like 50-100 złotych/month), and I think the average was about 2,900 zł gross/month for those 3 cities, so I'm not sure how 2983,98 zł can be average for the whole Poland, but probably I got the numbers wrong - they said those numbers in a recent TV news program and I wasn't really paying much attention :)
Seanus 15 | 19,706
13 May 2008 #48
I don't think Silesia is that high. When the mining area was flourishing 20-30 years ago maybe but not now. Katowice attracts big businesses but, overall, Silesia is not such a wealthy region. The salaries are way below those in Krakow and Warsaw.
SSpringer 5 | 55
13 May 2008 #49
well I know that when my great great grandfather came to the united states, his brothers and sisters didnt want money, They wanted clothes, shoes, etc to sell in poland to make some money
13 May 2008 #50
nd I think the average was about 2,900 zł gross/month for those 3 cities

3800 ;]
18 May 2008 #51
What is after all the average monthly gross salary in Krakow for 2008 until now? And what is the average amount of money that an individual has to pay for an apartment per month in Krakow? Please define your web - sources. It really helps.

For exmple, if someone earns 3,000 PLN gross per month, needs to rent an apartment can s/he live decent? And what if s/he earns 5,000 PLN groos per month, is s/he rich in Krakow?

Thank you for replying.
19 May 2008 #52
For exmple, if someone earns 3,000 PLN gross per month, needs to rent an apartment can s/he live decent?

No. 3000 gross is 2000 net. Apartment costs 1500 a month plus the bills. So you end up with no money at all. 5000 is a different story.
dtaylor 9 | 823
19 May 2008 #53
if someone earns 3,000 PLN gross per month

That will do you fine in Krakow, during the summer i only work part time, and 3000 is easily enough to see me through each month. Average Teacher will earn about 3000 before making extra's through private lessons. You can live comfortable on 250 a week if you need too.
22 May 2008 #54
I was offered with 4800 zloty per month in Krakow, is it enough to have comfortable life? After all payments (1b flat and bills) should I feel as rich or poor? Thx
23 May 2008 #55
5000 is a different story.

Please tell me.
4 Jun 2008 #56
This article is full of overstatements and exaggeration. Polaks have and will always complain, that is our nature. I have a family in Poland that b-tch and moan how hard it is to live there, that nobody has money blah, blah blah, yet everybody is building houses and buying new cars.

Stop exaggerating, complaining and most importantly being jealous.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
4 Jun 2008 #57
Yeah but everything is on credit tho.
groovyg 3 | 70
15 Jul 2008 #58
give it a couple more years and 1000pln will be worth more than $1000 anyway. poland is the place to be.
Kowalski 7 | 621
15 Jul 2008 #59
Latest average salary in Poland: 3215,32 zl (1000 eruo/1450usd),69866,5458056,GUS__Wynagrodzenia_w_czerwcu_wzrosly_o_12_proc.html
16 Jul 2008 #60
^^ 1583$

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