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average age of starting undergraduate studies in poland?

25 Sep 2012 #1
I am 21 and coming to poland from third world to study in an undergraduate course.
will i be considered a mature student? will i be the only guy of my age to be studying in my course? am i ******? help.
phtoa 9 | 236
25 Sep 2012 #2
Its quiet normal in Poland to start your University studies after Highschool around 19 years old.
So yes you might be a few years older than most starters for undergrats. Anyways don't worry about it, its not an issue.
OP paradox2233
25 Sep 2012 #3
thanks man. all i want is some quiet place where i can be free with my laptop and high speed internet (trust me! its very hard to get that where i live), plus a little university studies sideways.............
phtoa 9 | 236
25 Sep 2012 #4
(trust me! its very hard to get that where i live)

Lol, should be very possible in Poland.
Where you from?
Seeker12 - | 1
26 Sep 2012 #5
You remind me of myself. I'm just like you and I'm considering which country is more suitable for me and till now i found that Poland Costs(education and living fees) are way cheaper than some western countries.Like U i want to study in a calm relaxing place with no concern about my country problems.
2 May 2013 #6
Would coming there for undergraduate studies at age 25/26 a good option? I already have a master's degree and work experience, want to study in a different area and gain a doctoral degree. Something like a fast track program?
Monitor 14 | 1,820
2 May 2013 #7
There are graduate studies for people with bachelor or master, called "studia podyplomowe", but it's usually similar specialty and don't give another BSc or MSc diploma. Also some worse schools offer master studies for people with not necessarily the same specialty bachelor.
5 May 2013 #8
Well, I wouldn't want a random master's degree as I know I need a foundational study program at this stage. I have done online courses and readings, but it doesn't help. So you don't think this is a possibility in Poland? Of applying for a bachelor's program at this age and with this specialization? Is it possible to apply for a job and then study while working and then go back to full time university for master's/PhD?
Monitor 14 | 1,820
5 May 2013 #9
No it's not too late to start new studies, but I was explaining faster options as you've asked. You forgot to mention what do you want to study. Yes in Poland you can study daily, on weekends and during evenings. And that's also order of popularity of studying forms. Doesn't matter how you did your bachelor, you can do master as long as marks were good. If you are from out of EU mind that only daily students get Visa. (correct me somebody if I am wrong here)

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