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What is the average accounting/auditing salary in Poland?

cms 9 | 1,254
2 Jan 2018 #31
Well if you were qualified that would make a work permit far easier. Probably you should check with some recruiters. Without being qualified you would probably earn around 6000 zloty and a gym membership.
MAX11 - | 4
4 Jan 2018 #32
Thank you so much for the info, much appreciated.

@ terri 1

Thanks for the info,
16 Jan 2018 #33
I have a job offer for warsaw in poland as an senior accountant with french and english and i have more than 20 years experience. Also experience in service shared center. Can you help me and tell me if 7000 zlotys gross is a good salary or not for my experience?
DominicB - | 2,707
17 Jan 2018 #34
Senior accountant with 20 years experience? And they are offering you only 7000 PLN a month gross? In Warsaw? That is very, very low. Like half of what you should be expecting, or less.

You would have to be pretty desperate to take a job with such low wages. You could survive on that in Warsaw, as a single person, but forget about any savings.
jon357 75 | 22,576
17 Jan 2018 #35
7000 zlotys gross is a good salary or not for my experience?

Normal for Poland - there are a lot of people with financial experience.

That's around the average salary for Warsaw.
cms 9 | 1,254
17 Jan 2018 #36
Not sure what kind of role you are in but if its booking, bank recs etc then thats about right. If its something more complicated like reporting or consolidation then with French i think 10k would be more like it.

Certainly it would not be 14-15k - for that price i would employ a smart Pole and teach them French

There is a huge shortage worldwide of French soeaking accountants at senior levels but not sure what tyoe of work you are doing.
2 Feb 2018 #37
Hi, my company is moving our Financial share service department to warsaw , and they have given us choice if we want to move to warsaw , they have mentioned that there would be some pay cut but not yet said how much . as on date i am earning about 72 K Euro , do you think if they offer me after 30 % cut in current salary .. is a good move ..
DominicB - | 2,707
2 Feb 2018 #38
It's not the pay cut per say that will hurt you. The thing that is going to seal or sour the deal for you is the rise or drop in savings potential, or how much you can put away at the end of the month into your savings/retirement/kids' college fund or how much is available to pay of debts, including mortgage fees and college loans.

Since, at the moment, you do have any information about how much you can expect to earn, you will need to get that sorted out before you sit down and do the math to calculate your saving potential. Beware of anyone who tells you that the cost of living is very low in Warsaw, and remember that your cost of living will be substantially higher than that of a native Pole. You don't speak the language, you don't know the culture, and you don't have a network of family and friends.

Do the math, but my guess is that a 30% pay raise is going to have a negative impact on your bottom-line savings potential, in spite of the lower cost of living. But you are going to have to do the math yourself.
cms 9 | 1,254
3 Feb 2018 #39
Even if you earned 50k euro in Warsaw you would have a very comfortable life, be able to save and given Polands low tax rate you might not be so worse off.

But rather than ask here a much more sensible approach is to discuss with a recruiter in your current town about the market there or think of where you would like to live - most places are short of accountants and your employers are being cheeky by wanting your skills for less money (you mamy have some experience they cant find in Warsaw).
DominicB - | 2,707
3 Feb 2018 #40
your employers are being cheeky

Indeed. You should ask yourself why, if you are more valuable to them in Warsaw, they want to pay you less, rather than more.
Niklas - | 10
4 May 2019 #41
What are the current salaries for Junior Accountant in Warsaw/Krakow
cms neuf 2 | 1,806
5 May 2019 #42
what in ? A firm ? A bank ? A corpo ? A SSC ? Polish speaking ?

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