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Argentinian wants to study in Poland. What's the best place?

Arg_ 1 | 27
15 Apr 2010 #1
hi all.
I'm from Argentina and i want to do the university in Poland. This year ill take the igcsa examinations. I have the polish passport, so where is the best place theare, Krakow ?

good luck.
Leszek Rzejak - | 5
15 Apr 2010 #2
If you'd like to study medicine, Poznan is the best place.
For almost 20 years I have taken care of students of various nationalities.

Any questions?

Polish Tutor - | 80
15 Apr 2010 #3
I do not know what city is the best. But one thong is sure. We have more cities than Poznan and Krakow. I live in Krakow but I like very much Warszawa, Gdańsk and Wrocław too.

check old threads you are not the only person interested in this subject:
pawian 179 | 16,285
1 Oct 2019 #4
Hmm, if sb is Argentinian and speaks a variation of Spanish, shouldn`t they look for a place abounding in people who use the language? Just to feel like at home? If I were him/her, I would google for Spanish speaking communities in Poland.

Or am I wrong?

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