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Advice on attending business professionals events? Warsaw, Poland

17 Feb 2015 #1
I am looking to attend social events organized by business professionals. Something fancy. Any advice?
cms 9 | 1,255
17 Feb 2015 #2
Which town ? Warsaw or somewhere where the other 35 million live.

If you have misspelled and mean "nothing fancy" then suggest the Professionals in Warsaw group which is on linkedin - normally something on every two weeks, mixed crowd of people, not pretentious and you can come late and leave early if you want.

If you mean "something fancy" then all the chambers of commerce have regular do's - some informal and usually a ball once per year - the British and French balls are pretty good. Best parties by sector are in real estate like the CEE awards, or the Shopping Center forum awards.
OP OliverKing
17 Feb 2015 #3
Yes in Warsaw, my bad :) Thanks for advice
14 Oct 2015 #4
Merged: Any networking, business-orientated events in Warsaw? Is there a Rotary Club here?

Hello to everyone!

I was wondering if anyone can advise on some websites regarding events (networking, business-orientated) for Warsaw. I have recently arrived here and am looking at attending business type functions. This is something which is quite common in Toronto, and I would like to do the same here. Seeing that my knowledge of Polish is limited (although I am a native born Czech so I can understand certain Polish words) it has been hard to find any such websites?

In addition, is there a Rotary Club here? I am not sure if this exists here, but I believe it is an international concept.

Thank you!

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