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Accountancy problems in Poland

Laptop Clinic 1 | -
4 Aug 2017 #1

This message has been translated from French to polish and describes a serious
incident with our accountant

We are a French company installed in Wroclaw and we are actually, living the worst situation
that can happen between a business and an accounting office

We worked since 2015 with Polski Instytut Ksiegowy in Lodz.

Everything looked normal since we didn't have particular questions beside of the monthly fees and documents send to them

The problem with them is that they don't give a proper support in case of issues and they let problems grows until the extreme (for us was the limitation of our bank account by Tax office)

We discovered recently by ourselves anomalies in our ledger; like having pay too much VAT during 2 years.

It was firstly agreed that the extra payment will be corrected and deduced from the next quartal but
they finally didn't make it in the last moment and our bank account was blocked

No answer to our phone call, only emails with inappropriate answers.

They clearly didn't want to solve the problem and tell us that they are not responsible of this

Situation became critical and we decided to stop to work with them

The most damageable situation happens on the second quartal 2017, just before the end of the termination of contract with them

They gave us a wrong amount to pay to the Tax office, smaller than the one we calculated by us by checking our invoices and didn't release until today our documents

We had to contact with Dolnośląska Izba Rzemieślnicza in Wroclaw

Polski Instytut Ksiegowy is obviously forcing us to use the legal way to get our documents back which is not easy for us to organize

We decided to leave this feedback on forums but also on French and English portals related to investment and business in Poland until they will contact us and release our documents
Ziemowit 13 | 4,393
4 Aug 2017 #2
Polski Instytut Ksiegowy

Even the name of this company is weird and silly and is obviously aimed at pretending to be of high quality. A pathetic name!

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