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In New York -- how do I go about finding a job in Warsaw?

1 May 2012 #1
I'm a dual citizen Polish-American living and working in New York City. For the experience, I'd like to find a job in Warsaw and move there permanently. However, I'm unwilling to quit my good job here, move, and then hope for the best finding a job in Warsaw.

My work experience is in outsourcing sales/delivery and, currently, insurance. (My current company does not have any openings in its relatively small Warsaw office.) I have degrees in business (/undergraduate) and statistics (/graduate) both from well-known US universities. I'd like to work research, finance, or outsourcing for an international company, but I'm open. My family moved to the US when I was a baby, so while I do speak/read/write Polish, English is my native language.

Has anyone been in my situation? How did you go about finding a professional-level job from 4,200 miles away?

I'm male, 32, single, no kids.
terri 1 | 1,660
1 May 2012 #2
use the internet - first search for ALL jobs in your line of business, THEN get a list of the major companies, and bombard them with your CV (resume).

Make sure you include things which set you apart from the 1,000's of other resumes that they will get.

Some years ago (1994-1996) I found a well-paid job in Warsaw through an agent advertising in national papers. This may also be a line to try, see if any recruitment agencies in NY have any connections with Poland, they may know of vacancies.
1 May 2012 #3
you american now not polish you need polish education to get job in poland
terri 1 | 1,660
1 May 2012 #4
This is completely untrue. If this was the case, there would not be one non-Polish educated person working in Poland. And there are. Believe me, there are.
OP nyc
1 May 2012 #5
I'm especially interested in the practical aspects of interviewing. Has anyone received a job offer and not met with their future employer in person? Do recruiters even pay attention to resumes from abroad? Should I plan on a 2-week vacation and state in my cover letter when I'll be in Warsaw?
ShawnH 8 | 1,509
1 May 2012 #6

Starting point.

Did an interview over skype one Sunday a few years ago. The Interviewer was in China at the time.

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