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Net Salary for comfortable life in Wroclaw

guru_mmb 1 | -
21 Oct 2016 #1
Dear Group members,
I found lot of information about living in Poland through this forum. Thanks for the same.
Currently I am working in India and in final stages of signing contract for working in Poland. I intend to come with my wife and kid (1 year old).

Please let me know what would be a good/ reasonable net salary (and gross salary) for a comfortable life in Wroclaw, Poland.
From various forms it seems 3,300 zł would be bare minimum disposable income for survival but in case I want to take periodic holidays, live in furnished 2 bedroom flat etc, what would be a good net salary?

- Also at 10000 - 11000 gross salary, what would be a tentative tax and insurance deduction?
- Apologies for an unrelated blunt question (but this is something really important for me) Is there a possibility where like Germany something crazy happens in Poland and politicans decide to open the doors for Muslim immigrants from Syria etc in near future?
21 Oct 2016 #2
and whats wrong with muslim refugees if they come to work and not suck on social benefits ?
why such hate towards muslims as they are huge part of indian society ?
as for your question: with wife and kid, you need at least 6 k pln netto to live OK.
10,000 - 11,000 salary, no idea how much will they steal from you, but probably something around 35 %. or even more.
21 Oct 2016 #3
Muslim refugees make the boom boom and the ficky facky.
21 Oct 2016 #4
Muslims provide nothing to Western society. Poland will not let them in. Not to worry.
Lyzko 37 | 8,704
21 Oct 2016 #5

Ever learn algebra in school? Cared to wonder where much of modern medicine in Europe came from? If you answer "Al -Ghe-Braha" and Rhazes, you'd be right on the money:-)
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098
23 Oct 2016 #6
Also at 10000 gross salary, what would be a tentative tax and insurance deduction?

7034 in hand
8 Mar 2017 #7

salary expectation in wroclaw


I have been offered a gross salary of 7300 (after tax) per month in wroclaw. Also providing relocation package and insurance for me.
Is this salary sufficient for me as i am a single male.Please anyone reply as soon as possible.
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098
8 Mar 2017 #8
Is this salary sufficient for me as i am a single male.

How we can ques your lifestyle and you needs? :)

Flat 2000, room 700, food 700, fuel 400 pcm, car 8000, doctor 150, dentist 500, beer 5, bread 2, bus 4 ...
13 Mar 2017 #9
I thought that the average Polish yearly salary was about 1000 euros a year
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098
14 Mar 2017 #10
yearly salary was

hehe was in which year? 1994? maybe was :)

It would be Eldorado when the average Polish yearly salary was about 1000 euros a year
fjv 2 | 6
23 May 2017 #11

Advice on moving to Poland - salary, cost of living, perspectives


I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina and I've been offered a job in Wroclaw. Although I've said yes and the work permit is on its way, I still consider perfectly fine to reverse my decision (Probably they won't call me again if I say no at this stage).

Sometimes I'm really happy to have this opportunity but somedays I woke up thinking "Oh, no! What I've have done!".

First of all, the facts: I've been offered 12600 zloty gross, which if I'm correctly it's about 8846 zloty net for most of the year but less during four months due to income tax (Being 7293 zloty the lowest). Is that a good salary? (I'm single with no kids).

If I compare money amount to money amount, I'm not like those guys who desperately seek to move to Europe or North America to make a difference. In fact, sice last week argentine peso lost value so now the PLN amount is a bit higher, but until last week you could say that the polish offered me the same (or a bit less) money I earn in Argentina. In fact, they offered me less, because in Argentina we have per law the 13th salary.

Also, in Argentina I do not rent (I don't own the house either, is just a family house and they let me live here in exchange for paying taxes and services) in Poland I'd have to rent.

BUT, Argentina living cost is REALLY high. I can save almost 35% of my salary right now more or less. But for example, milk is as twice or three times than in Poland, 1kg of apples in Argentina is about 0,10% of my salary while 1kg of apples in Poland is about 0,034˜0,041% of the salary they offered to me.

EDIT: I save around 750-1000 USD per month.

Security is also a plus, since in Argentina crime rate has risen up in past year and we're facing things like thieves shoting you in the head to stole your car or even your cell phone.

Also I have a kind of 'romantic' motivation to move to Poland, my great-great-great-granparents were polish, they came to Argentina around 1895 and I've always had a fascination with polish history and slavic culture in general. BUT, no, I don't have polish aspect, I have spanish last name and spanic/latin american aparience.

I was in Wroclaw for a week past April and it shocked me that not many people spoke english in the streets. I got excited because I saw yerba mate (You know, that's from Argentina) in a shop and I entered it in the hope of talking with the lady about Argentina, mate, and how weird it was for me to find yerba and mate 12000km away from home. But the lady didn't speak english and wasn't so happy about me trying to chat with her.

(In other hand, coming back to Buenos Aires after that week, I spent 7hs in Prague and Czech people seemed, at least to me, more friendly and open than in Poland). Let's face it, I have a fantasy because I have polish ancestry, but they were from five generations ago and I'm not polish.

Also, now I work for an airline, so I can travel the world on cheaper tickets. I'm trying to convince myself that if I resign from my current job and move to Wroclaw, I won't be working for an airline, but I'd have europe at hand, just a train trip to almost everywhere.

But I'm still afraid.

Is the salary ok for a single? (I'm a unix admin with tertiary education, certification, 10+ years of experience)
Will I be able to save at least 30%?
Why do people say that expenses for foreigners are more expensive that for poles? I can understand that about a first temporary flat rent for example. But after that?

What about traveling to other parts of europe as short weekend travels or one week vacations with that amount of money?
Do you think that I'd be able to visit Argentina once a year? (Providing that after resigning from my current job I'd have to pay the whole price for a ticket)

What about using Poland as a "backdoor" for the rest of Europe? (I've read posts where people recommed going directly to richer countries, but as I've said I'm fond of Poland and also contrary to most argentinian I don't have any european citizenship, so for me this Wroclaw offer sounded like a very good opportunity of inmigration through sponsorship).

Thanks in advance for your answers!
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098
23 May 2017 #12
Is that a good salary? (I'm single with no kids).

yes, 2500 flat + 800 food

But I'm still afraid.

Afraid of Polish employer and pile of work. Check company, opinions, etc
sal777 - | 1
5 May 2018 #13

Decent/ Nice lifestyle in Poland, Monthly expenses - Wroclaw

Hi everyone,

I will (hopefully), be coming to Wroclaw for an unpaid volunteering experience for a month in July. I will mainly be staying in wroclaw but might go to lower silesia cities for a week. I want to know the living costs and the pocket money i will need for a month, considering the following;

-Accommodation is covered by the organisation i will volunteer for
-One meal per day is provided and covered by the organisation
-Will want to travel to nearby cities on the weekends
-Will want to go to nice restaurants/ clubs/pubs (once or twice a week max)
-Im 21, a smoker, i dont drink
-Will want to see the main city attractions (museums, parks, etc..)
-Will want to shop (gifts, clothes, shoes, etc..)
-I will be working from 8-2pm, monday till friday.

I want to enjoy a nice, not a A+ luxurious life, but a nice decent one, have fun but not spend TOO much money, since im staying for a month.

I also want to know, since its an unpaid job, if there are any ways to earn extra money, (work an extra 4-6 hours a day), knowing i dont speak polish, a female, still a student, but speak arabic, english, french and a bit of spanish.

Your help would be great!

Thank you so muchh!
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,846
5 May 2018 #14

I was born in Wroclaw and most of my family lives there. Although I primarily live in the US, I travel there regularly and will be going there again this summer. I plan on moving back to Wroclaw for good in the near future.

Basically, an upper middle class existence in most Polish cities, in my opinion, starts at around 10,000 zloty a month gross (brutto as they call it there). This is a bit under $3,000 USD a month. Such a salary will allow you to afford most common luxuries while still putting some money aside for savings/investments. A more middle class existence where you don't have to worry about having all your needs and wants fulfilled can be attained for 7k 8k zloty but your savings potential will be diminished and you can forget about buying that new BMW or Mercedes on such a salary - a new entry level/mid range Skoda or VW though won't be a problem. A person living a Spartan life would be making 3k-4k a month yet even with a salary like that people still manage to enjoy life, travel, enjoy the local entertainment, etc. Try to avoid taking out any loans in Poland as the interest rates are insanely high and save/invest as much money as you can. If you plan to buy property be very very very careful as many unscrupulous agents, lawyers, title companies, etc. will try to rip you off and steal all your money if they detect you're a foreigner that doesn't know all the laws and nuances of the market.

If you're living expenses and a meal a day is covered by your company, than honestly you won't need more than maybe $1,000 USD a month budget and even that will take you pretty far - as long as you're not buying a bunch of imported clothing (a pair of Versace sunglasses will run you 800-1000 zloty, nikes will be 300, 350+ zloty depending on type, style, etc. generally itll be hard to find even the most popular Adidas low tops for less than 200/250 zloty) .... BUT you can find many Polish brands that are just as high quality, sometimes even better imo, and cheaper than the imports.

Just about everything is cheaper in Poland than in the West with the exception of imports. Gasoline, electronics, imported clothing brands, etc cost more. Food, public transportation, entertainment, utilities, etc tend to be quite a bit cheaper. Cost of living is lower than a US city but it really depends on your habits and lifestyle. You can rent a place for as little as 2.5k, 3k zloty a month (granted it will be a small studio/1 bedroom). There is a lot of new 'town home' style residences that are being built that go for 400k-600k zloty. While you can go to a restaurant and eat a meal for as cheap as 10-12 zloty, there are plenty of restaurants in the town square where you'll find a meal easily costs 60 zloty plus. This may not seem like much to a person coming from a wealthy western country, but for most Poles a 60 zloty meal is a rare luxury while for say a Brit, German, or American they'll be ecstatic that they got a steak dinner for like $16-$17. However, groceries are generally far cheaper than in the west - unless again you're buying imported brands in which case they'll cost the same or slightly more due to VAT (import taxes).

Same thing with clothing - you can buy cheap shirts and pants for a fraction of what they'd cost in the west but if you want to buy imported brands like Nike, Adidas, Armani, etc. they'll cost you more than they would in the west.

One nice thing about Wroclaw is there is ALWAYS something going on in the rynek (town square) - sometimes it's a sporting event, sometimes it's a concert, sometimes it's evevn something random as like a shampoo company giving people cheap shampoo/haircuts while playing some techno. There's always street performers as well.

The nightlife IMO isn't that great. You're limited to basically like 4-5 clubs - 1 of which is banana which I like to go to and the other 4 are located literally one right next to the other. The nightlife is a lot better in other European cities - even Warsaw has a lot better nightlife. However, Wroclaw makes up for that for having a lot of other attractions, lot of museums, lot of clubs and organizations for everything from biking, to book clubs, to hang gliding to even 1%er OMGs. Whatever you're into - you will find a group of people that are into the same thing.

As far as making extra money, tutoring English will likely be your best option. Rates vary but based on your age and experience I'd say you can comfortable charge around 50-60 zloty an hour.

Although much (most I'd say) of the youth speak English, you will want to start learning Polish. Although it's possible to manage with just English, you will have a difficult time communicating with Poles from older generations as most do not speak English. They grew up in the PRL where Russian was compulsory. Some speak German.

You may also find a niche part time job using your Arabic skills.

Good luck - feel free to message me or write back if you have other questions.

Oh and cigs cost usually around 15 16 zloty at the super market give or take a few zloty depending on brand and where you buy them. Counterfeit cigarettes cost half that but many of them are naaaasty. You can tell the difference because the warning label on the counterfeit cigs will be in English/Russian/german or some other language other than polish but the labeling and everything like the Marlboro box will look exactly the same.

If you plan on eating out at cheap/ mid range restaurants 2x a week, don't do a whole lot of shopping (not imported brands anyway) and go to parks, museums, etc. even like every day or every other day, and eat breakfast at home instead of going out you can even make $500 last you a month as long as you budget wisely. $1k would be plenty and you'd be able to do a lot of shopping with that and enjoy some of the nicest restaurants. I've been going to Poland a long time so I'll often take nike Adidas stuff for my family and friends and sell it but then buy dress shirts, suits, dress shoes, etc. because they tend to be much cheaper than in the US especially for the quality. You can get a nice nested suit for like 800-1000 zloty in Poland with tailoring and everything, in the US you'd have to spend almost that much but in dollars even for a 'mid range' Ralph Lauren one with Armani's going for 1k-2k plus.

Also, taxis are very cheap as is public transport. Taxis are everywhere in Wroclaw so you definitely won't need to like rent a car to get around. It wouldn't even be worth it because gas is expensive and the drivers are crazy.

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