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Moving to Wroclaw: entry level salary at Google / how much money to survive?

23 Feb 2011 #1
Hello, everybody!
I might be moving to Poland and I have 2 questions and I hope you can help me.

1. I have been offer a job in Wroclaw, entry level, at Google, with French and English skills required. (it is not an IT job, it is more like customer service). I only have a bachelors degree obtained in the US. What salary do you think I should ask (I want to know both brutto and netto)

2. How much money per month do I need in order to survive? Can you give me an idea as a whole, as well as more specific. I am interested in:

renting an apartment (1 bedroom):
food (healthy, not french fries and pre-cooked chiken all day):
transportation (I'm not thinking of buying a car, so public transportation):
cell phone (with internet and without internet):
internet at home:
cable tv (the basic offer):

I know I am asking very specific questions, but I need to communicate my salary expectations to the company as soon as possible. Any help will be kindly appreciated.

Thank you in advance :)
Wroclaw Boy
23 Feb 2011 #2
1 bed apartment from 1000 PLN
Food 300
transport no idea maybe 120
phone 50
internet 40
cable TV no idea

I think a decent net wage would be around 3000 PLN / month.
peter77 - | 3
23 Feb 2011 #3
Cable TV - no more than 50 pln. Your salary in Wroclaw -ask for 6 000 brutto (4 200 netto).
convex 20 | 3,928
23 Feb 2011 #4
The basic cable package is 68zl through UPC. Throw in a 5mbps internet connection, you're over 100. Monthly ticket on on public transport will run you either 40 or 80, depending on where you live. For food prices, check, knock off about 10-20% if you're shopping at one of the local stores like Tesco, Biedronka, or your friendly neighborhood carrouf (other than the name, expect nothing like what you get in France).

I highly doubt that Google will pay 3800net for a basic customer service job. They'll probably offer low to mid 3000 gross, but they offer pretty decent perks.
peter77 - | 3
23 Feb 2011 #5
Yeah, agree. Basic customer service no more than 5000 gross (3 500 net).
OP Prayera
23 Feb 2011 #6
Thank you so much, guys. Now I have an idea what to look for. :)


ahaha! Good point. ;) But I hear Poland is a beautiful country, but I also know the living there is kinda hard. But working for Google is a good thing, and i am hoping this would be temporary, until I advance and relocate. So...let's see :)
5 Apr 2011 #7
Hi Prayera,
Could you tell us how much they are paying you finally ?
Thanks in advance :D
nightmaar - | 3
22 Jun 2011 #8
Can anyone please help with a guesstimate (or more or less informed answer) on how much a 3'rd level support IT specialist (SAP) would earn working for IBM Wroclaw?

I would appreciate a reply (pm it's ok also) as I've read here on a couple of threads some contradicting opinions.
Thank you much
22 Jun 2011 #9
Given that SAP is a highly sought-after skill, I'd say you can safely ask for 10K per month gross and they'll be getting a bargain. If you're really good and really confident, I'd ask them for 12-15K per month. Either way, you'll be living very well off (by Polish standards).
22 Jun 2011 #10

I knew an american working there a couple years back, granted she was management i think, but she didn't pay for her flat, they hooked her up with a pretty big place in the rynek for free. probably paid for her phone as well.

how long are you going to live there? how long is the contract for? how often do you plan on flying to the states while you're out there? do they offer any paid airfare to fly home a couple times a year?

if you're making 3,000/month net, that entire month's salary barely buys you a round trip ticket to the USA.....and that's only if you're going to the east coast. it's a cost worth considering.

anyway, i agree, i think you're looking at 3,000 something per month. you won't have to deal with paying for ZUS/health insurance so it should be doable.
EdWilczynski 3 | 98
22 Jun 2011 #11
I'd ask them for 12-15K per month.

15,000.00 PLN = 3,764.87 EUR (Correct at 22.06.2011)

Any SAP Consultant worth his salt and working as an independent can ask for at least 3,000 EUR a WEEK in the rest of Europe.
23 Jun 2011 #12
an entry level job in a poor country and you're referencing an "SAP Consultant worth his salt and working as an independent".....?

i fail to recognize the correlation.
EdWilczynski 3 | 98
23 Jun 2011 #13
I didn't respond to the original poster nor did I make reference to the original poster.

I responded to the poster going by the name of akelwho stated SAP people in Poland can ask for salaries of between 12-15k per month and had you read my post properly you would have seen that I quoted the aforemetioned poster. He was responding to the poster above him by the name of nightmaar. Both posts read in their entirety make perfect sense and the correlation is evident.
nightmaar - | 3
23 Jun 2011 #14
Thanks guys for the answer, however I'm not that experienced - but the job would be a good one technically speaking. SAP Basis (it's a module, not to be confused with "basic") administration is paid alright , but not that much(3000E / week I mean), at least not in this part of Europe, or at least at this level of career (mid junior - not senior yet). For instance in Bratislava they would pay about 1500-2200 E/month, depending on your experience, I was just wondering if it's the similar case here. I know that for instance in Brno the salaries are much lower , however it's mostly 2'nd level support over there .

Maybe anyone knows a friend of a friend who actually works there? I would appreciate a pm answer in that case:)

Thanks in advance
pustota - | 1
29 Jun 2011 #15
Hello Prayera,

I'm thinking about going for the same level vacancy , can you please tell did you got the job and how much they are paying you?

And would be interested to know, are they paying for your flat (if it's nice one) and are they covering some of your expenses (like Internet or perhaps medical insurance)?

Thank you for your time and looking forward to hear from you!
14 Mar 2014 #16
Do you have any idea, how much a 3'rd level support IT specialist (SAP) would earn at IBM? I mean how much I cane cote. How much should be relocation bundle. I have no idea on this. How are the living standard / lifestyle at Poland?

Monitor 14 | 1,817
14 Mar 2014 #17
IBM in Wrocław is known of paying one of the lowest salaries out of foreign IT companies in Poland. It's just their cheap outsourcing location and they don't want to compete for workers with higher paying firms. I think it's similar level to their department in Brno, Czech Republic. So if you can find something about Brno it could give you an idea about Wrocław.,3_IL.4,8_IC2297933.htm,3_IL.4,11_IM1102.htm
7 Apr 2014 #18
HP salaries are awful as well, my students there used to talk about it all the time.

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