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Moving from Venezuela to Wroclaw - is about job for 8400 Zloty netto respectable?

aarp17 1 | 2
10 Oct 2012 #1
Hi all in this forum,

I am new in this; I've seen that this website is the most active and up-to-date, about giving information about Poland in general.

My interest to this forum, is, that my company is offering me a transfer, from my country (Venezuela) to Poland, in Wroclaw (as you see on the title of this thread). I work in IT.

I've check a lot of threads, but, my main concerns isn't answer yet, still been very close. From the Polish side, they're offering me 12K Zloty Gross, which, after reductions (tax, insurance, etc..) it's about 8400 Zloty netto (according to my calculations, and from this website they gave me: )

Is this amount, good for living (rent an apartment/flat, food, transportation)? Save for future? I'll be going there alone, and I think it's a good opportunity and experience, for a least, a couple of years.

Any suggestions, tips, will be very welcome; just want to be sure, that the threads I had check are correct.

Thanks in advanced.

marcelina - | 1
24 Oct 2012 #2
Hola! aarp17

If u earn 8400 Złoty in Wrocław, for one person it is enough money to live. The rent (for example the flat, about 40m2) costs around 1500 Złoty. Of course it is up to the district where u live. My sister lives in Wrocław. If u have any further questions, just write to me.

Saludos de Pologne


Home / Work / Moving from Venezuela to Wroclaw - is about job for 8400 Zloty netto respectable?
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