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Should I move Wroclaw in 3M as a Rpa lead Developer from India ?

27 Dec 2017 #1
I have got an job offer from 3M as a RPA developer in Wroclaw and they are offering 10, 07600 PLN per annum.
Can any one help me out how much can I save? How is the culture? Can I survive? I am from India an living in Gandhinagar (Gujarat).

Thanks in advance :)
Wulkan - | 3167
27 Dec 2017 #2
How is the culture?

Unlike in Gujarat alcohol is not banned here.
DominicB - | 2707
27 Dec 2017 #3

I'm assuming you mean 100,760 PLN a year, which comes to about 8400 PLN a month gross, and 5600 PLN after taxes.

If you are single, you will survive and be able to lead a modest lifestyle. Savings are going to be very modest. If saving money, supporting a family back in India, or paying off debts is a priority, then forget about this job and look for work in a richer country.

On a global scale, the pay is very low: US $28,500 a month, less than toilet cleaners and burger flippers make in some parts of the US. Savings wise, it's really, really low.

Forget about recruiters and internet job sites. They rarely have any good jobs to offer. The best jobs are advertised only face to face, person to person in the real world, not online. So build up your network of personal professional contacts and use them to help you find a much better job in a richer country. Focus on befriending people who work or have worked in richer countries. Any job you find that way will be much better than anything you can find on line or through a recruiter. And no, Poland is not a good place for you to network. That will be a lot easier for you in your home country.
OP Rpa_0111995
28 Dec 2017 #4
It is 10760,65 PLN written in offer letter.
Wulkan - | 3167
28 Dec 2017 #5

10, 07600 PLN per annum.

OP Rpa_0111995
28 Dec 2017 #6
Yes , Thats why I was wondering , about the deductions, Cost of living , Company Profile and all other things.

Could you please help me out on this , I am in big dilemma.

How can I validate the offer ? what other things I should be aware before moving to Poland
DominicB - | 2707
28 Dec 2017 #7
I'm guessing that that means 10,760 PLN a month gross, which is about 7,100 PLN a month net. If you are single, frugal, and stay away from the Unholy Trinity of alcohol, tobacco and girls, and don't take any trips back to India, then you could theoretically save as much as 2000 PLN a month, or about 6,000 USD a year, which is not all that spectacular.

Again, there are much better jobs to be had in richer countries. I suggest you use your network to find one, especially if you have family to support or debts to pay off. Poland is a poor choice if saving is a priority.
1 May 2018 #8

Should I move to Wroclaw from India ?

I have got offer from Big MNC and they are providing 10,000 PLN Gross monthly ?
I am coming for Saving perspective ?How much I can save ?
Also after 7-8 months I am going to marry with my Girlfriend , So I will pull up her also here , she is also Software engineer ?

What is the chances that I can pull her here first and then she can search for job and grab a job ?

#Help #Thank In Advance
mafketis 37 | 10935
1 May 2018 #9
t I can pull her here first and then she can search for job and grab a job ?

As a girlfriend, none. If you put a ring on it and she comes as a spouse then you'll have to ask the migration office if she can look for a job legally.

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