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5000zl per month, netto - Would this be enough salary in Gliwice?

Avellano 1 | 3
25 Jan 2013 #1

I will soon move to Poland with a very interesting job offer. My net salary would be arounf 5000 zt per month, netto. I'm planning to live alone and walk to my office. Now i have some questions:

-A studio at rynek for 800-1200 zt would be a good place to live?
-How much would it cost the monthly stuff like heating, water, internet, phone, etc...?
-Is the remaining netto (about ~2000 zt after paying some other stuff and send money home) enough to have a decent standard of living (Basically buying food, clothes and/or social life)?

-If not around rynek...where would be a good place to live in this city?

I'm very happy for this chance and looking forward to move to this lovely country.
smurf 39 | 1,981
25 Jan 2013 #2
Around Rynek would be OK this time of year but during the summer it'd be quite noisy at night, there's a few restaurants/pubs there....but you've prob been there? You know it's not massive so maybe it wouldn't be a problem.

heating, watch etc may be included in your rent? But find out, that kind of stuff isn't that expensive in Poland though.
You prob won't be allowed have a contract phone because you've gotta live here for 6months before they'll give you go with a pay as you go, Heyah have the best offers usually, or just use skype/KIK messenger as much as you can.

2000 aint great tho, if that's what you think will be left, will your work be paying your tax/health insurance etc? That's about 1000zl a month, if they aren't you're screwed, but if not then, 2000zl should be enough for a single person living in won't live like a king or anything. 5000zl per month is the average wage in this part of Poland so you should fare OK.

I live close so any questions just PM me.
OP Avellano 1 | 3
25 Jan 2013 #3
Well, I'll be making 7000 gross, with a contract (on a company, not on my own), but i already checked that after tax i'll have like 5000 net.
smurf 39 | 1,981
25 Jan 2013 #4
ah sure man, if you have 5000 after tax you'll be fine.but make sure and find out if they're gonna pay your social & health insurance, it's called Zus.
phtoa 9 | 236
25 Jan 2013 #5
Even if you have to pay ZUS 7000 Gross pr. month will turn out to be 5000 NET.

2000 zt after paying some other stuff and send money home

I wouldn't advice you to try and send money home.
Money earned in Poland should be spend in Poland due to the prices. Well actually this depend where you send the money too, but in case your from western europe it just wouldn't make sense.

But you can live on 2000zl pr. month. like smurf said not great, but you'll survive.
25 Jan 2013 #6
Man, I had 6000 zl net in Gliwice for 2 years and I was living like a King
OP Avellano 1 | 3
28 Jan 2013 #7
Thanks a lot for the info. It is really helping.

Where would be a good street/quarter to live? I will be working near to rynek, like two blocks west of it, so i would like to walk or pick only one bus/tranv.

Are there any "Don't go" places around gliwice i should be aware of?
smurf 39 | 1,981
28 Jan 2013 #8
Afraid I can't help ya there, I don't live there, I only go there now and again for a few pints.
Maybe someone in this company you're gonna work for can help you with this.
cristophercoll - | 9
28 Jan 2013 #9
wow so what would be your work ? it's a lot of money as a poland salary
gumishu 13 | 6,067
28 Jan 2013 #11
Gliwice centre is safe - I don't know about the new housing estates (communist blocks)
Dougpol1 32 | 2,673
31 Aug 2014 #12
Lol and then some - I take it you haven't been to South London then? Nobody will bother you in block land. Normal people live there, including a lot of professionals. They venture out to their country houses at weekends.

Don't comment on society here if you don't know what you are talking about.

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