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Living off 5500zl in Krakow? (accounting job)

10 Sep 2013 #1
Hi Guys,
I have been offered a job in Krakow as an Accountant and I would be getting 5500zl gross - 3900zl net. Is it enough to live in Krakow? I am 23 years old so would only be renting a room (not an apartment), wanna make some new friends you know ;-)

jon357 71 | 20,421
10 Sep 2013 #2
The average for Kraków is (according to the internet, which varies from website to website) is about 3200 net and the median is about 4200.

You'll be better off than most 23 year olds, you'll earn enough to have plenty of fun, but don't count on saving much of it. Though some do - it just depends how you like to spend your free time.
phtoa 9 | 236
11 Sep 2013 #3
I would be getting 5500zl gross - 3900zl net. Is it enough to live in Krakow?

You will be just fine!
Rent a room for around 900ZL, and you will have 3000ZL to have fun for.
I lived for 1.5 year in Krakow on a budget of 3000ZL after rent, and you live veryy good life! You could easily save like 500ZL pr. month even.

Can I ask which company you will come and work for?
local_fela 17 | 172
11 Sep 2013 #4
Hi, I think you are earning a very good amount!

You can review my post:

2000PLN is enough, given that you are renting a room only! but from what you are going to earn, I think that you can get a one-bed flat and enjoy at the same time! ;)
angelaaa - | 2
27 Jan 2017 #5

Moving to Poland (Job offer), would like to have some info

Hi all,

I've received a Job offer as Senior Specialist in the Accounting Payable in Krakow. I received an offer of 6.800 gross, as I understood this is moreless 4.700 PLN net. How would it be to live there with that amount of money? I would like to have an apartment (maybe around 40/50mq).

Could you please give me some general information about the city, moving there by night, cost to live and so on?

Thank you a lot
angelaaa - | 2
30 Jan 2017 #6
Noone could help me a little bit?
Atch 17 | 4,086
31 Jan 2017 #7
Angela, nobody has answered you because this topic has been covered numerous times already on the forum and all the information is there if you look for it. For example, here's a very recent one and there's a link in it to another recent thread on the same subject. There's really nothing more to add:
12 Apr 2018 #8

Finance & Accounting Process Junior Specialist salary in Poland (Latvian Speaker)

Hi, how much does "Finance & Accounting Process Junior Specialist (Latvian Speaker)" could get in Krakow, working for Capgemini.
My boyfriend is going for interview on Monday, suggest around 4000 Zloti gross.
But I feel like thats only for polish speaking ones, because if they ask for foreign language speaking ones they should get more?

Any help would be great.
terri 1 | 1,664
12 Apr 2018 #9
Around 4K pln is about right.

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