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Learn Web development in Warsaw?

Ashling 1 | 1
16 Jan 2012 #1

I'm going to Warsaw in 2 weeks for my Erasmus. Since I'll have lots of free time, I'd like to learn Web development while I'm there!

I've been learning by myself up to now and it's getting hard, so I'm looking for a university course, private lessons or any kind of training.

Does anyone know where I could find this (at a reasonable price) ??


harryashi - | 12
1 Mar 2012 #2
Hi Ash,
I don't know if your still interested in web development but I'm taking a good from BCIT. It is an online course.
OP Ashling 1 | 1
1 Mar 2012 #3
Yes I am still interested!

Could you send me a link to the course or the school program please?

Could you also send me some of the course material to see if it's what I'm looking for, like a table of contents or something :)

Thanks a lot,
harryashi - | 12
12 Mar 2012 #4
Sorry about the delay. Here is the link:

I'm currently enrolled in this program and will continue my studies while I'm in Poland.

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