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Looking for work in Krakow, any ideas where to start? I have telesales experience

stevelee 1 | 1
6 Jan 2010 #1
Im English and now live in Krakow with my Polish fiance and our baby daughter, i am looking for work , i have telesales experience i dont really want to teach languages although i speak fluent spanish , my polish on the other hand is not so good , im picking it up though,

any help or suggestions will be highly appreciated

many thanks

Steve Lee
stalk - | 2
6 Jan 2010 #2
Hi Steeve,

HCL is a good idea, i think we / they are looking for spanish speaking guys for IT analyst(customer support technically), you should check it (i am also working here).

The salary is around 2500 zl(net), not the best, but still better than nothing.
If you need more information write me an email at del_chello@hotmail

Good luck Steve !
OP stevelee 1 | 1
7 Jan 2010 #4
thanks for the thread links
Ranjitrai - | 8
22 Jul 2013 #5
Hi we are looking for a sales person to go to expat companies in poland this is a sales role are you interested still my contact is
Cardno85 31 | 976
23 Jul 2013 #6
There are a number of British and American companies that have their offices outsourced in Kraków. Might want to ask around there or check out websites of companies along the lines of Sate Street, Alexander Mann, International Paper, IBM, etc. A lot of them have English as a required skill and they are happy if you can speak another language.


Multinationals companies in Krakow area?

Does anyone know what international / multinational companies are located in the Krakow area and are hiring people from abroad?

Hi I know that Shell, IBM are in Krakow and I think Google either have or will have an office there.
Ranjitrai - | 8
25 Jul 2013 #7
Hi Steve we are a uk company and looking for a sales person to sell in poland we supply printed t shirts and embroidered clothing with company logos we also supply into poland would this be of help please contact me On

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