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Job at HP in Wroclaw, what salary should I expect and Is It negotiable?

5 Oct 2013 #1
Hi, I am in the recruitment process for an entry-level position in HP in the Supply Chain function. I have a Joint Management Master Degree awarded in Italy and France, I speak fluently English and French and I'm Italian native speaker.

I've been asked twice about my salary expectation during the interview but managed to provide no details about it, the minimum requirements for the position are a Bachelor, fluent English and the knowledge of an additional language, I know a girl who was covering the same role and who was paid 3k gross per month.

Considered that I have worked as intern in three different multinational very large companies (in Italy and France) and my profile exceeds the minimum requirements, how much do you think I will be able to negotiate my salary? How much should I ask ?

Thank you guys.

Meathead 5 | 469
5 Oct 2013 #2
Complete BS. You mean they don't have a salary schedule for the Job? They should be telling you how much the job pays, not how little you are willing to work for. I find it difficult to believe that a corporation as large as HP is still playing these stupid salary games (how low will you go?).
cjj - | 281
5 Oct 2013 #3
well, you have at least one value to go on ... now begins the adventure.

Whatever number you suggest, the 'negotiable' word is helpful to the interviewer.
If expected salary becomes a significant consideration there is wriggle-room.

Have you looked in, say, Glassdoor to get a better idea of the salary range ?
jobseeker - | 2
5 Oct 2013 #4
Thank you guys. I'm sure they have a salary range for the position but I'm pretty sure they won't disclose any information until they got my salary expectations (that for sure I won't provide). I had a look at Glassdoor already but couldn't find any useful information.

I am currently living in Paris and there is no point of moving to Poland unless I have a competitive entry-level salary, the problem is to determine whether or not this position is a good opportunity to enter the job market, better than the ones I can find in other European countries.
Holendrem 2 | 14
5 Oct 2013 #5
Italian/French are not really good paid jobs in Poland. As native speaker you could expect 4000 gross max.
5 Oct 2013 #6
Very few Poles speak (good) French (even in big French companies) or Italian and therefore qualified French and Italian native speakers are very well paid in Poland by Polish standards. To say the opposite is a lie.
jobseeker - | 2
6 Oct 2013 #7
Ok that I am Italian native speaker and I am totally fluent in French, but I don't want to be paid based only on that, I have a Management Double Degree and the fact that I speak three languages takes absolutely a back seat in my profile.

Is anyone covering a similar entry-level role in an IT company in Poland so that I can make a rough comparison? I think I will ask 4k gross anyway, since it is really little money for such a big American company.
cjj - | 281
6 Oct 2013 #8
I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for any great extension to the salary available for an entry level position. The company will have its budget for the posts and will probably have little interest in 'paying in advance', as it were, for any extra capabilities you might say you have. If you want to work for the company, take the job and then show them in practice exactly why they need to hold on to you either by decent pay-rises or through promotion to a post with greater responsibilities/pay.
sobieski 106 | 2,118
6 Oct 2013 #9
In £ódż Infosys pays for identical BPO work on an entry level between 3500 and 4200 gross.
17 Oct 2013 #10
When can I expect earning 11000 gross? how to find some information about the salary growth per year?
InWroclaw 89 | 1,910
17 Oct 2013 #11
If you're talking about the above role or similar, I'd have thought 11K was only possible in Warsaw, and maybe not even there.

All of which makes me scratch my head at how come property prices are so high in Wroclaw -- even after supposedly cooling off. 450K PLN for a 2-bed 65m2 flat in a reasonable area! That's 90K GBP. Salaries are only 15K-20K GBP per year for a COUPLE. WTF!
peterweg 37 | 2,309
17 Oct 2013 #12
If they are not going to suggest a wage, use the figure for the same position in Paris, and let them argue that you shouldn't get the same.
18 Oct 2013 #13
In my BPO, I get 6.000 gross a month as native dutch speaker. There's a Danish guy who get's 8.000 gross. On the other hand, there's an Italian who speaks fluent German and is paid only 3.400 gross. I work in Krakow.
Monitor 13 | 1,816
18 Oct 2013 #14
German is more popular than Danish. It's 2nd most popular foreign language in Poland, that's why lower pay of the Italian.
18 Oct 2013 #15
Considered that I have worked as intern in three different multinational very large companies (in Italy and France) and my profile exceeds the minimum requirements, how much do you think I will be able to negotiate my salary? How much should I ask ?

I taught English for years inside that corporate office as well as having them come to my schools for lessons. Every single one of those employees seemed unhappy with their salaries and general work assignments. Every one of them had a minimum of a Master's degree, spoke Polish + English + 1 additional language, and their take home pay was a pittance. The 3K gross per month you referenced to in your OP sounds about right because I don't think these people even cleared 2K.

We all hated teaching there because it was full of miserable workers.

Now....Google in Wroclaw, THAT was fun. What an amazing difference in corporate culture and employee moral. I'd shoot for Google instead.
cms 9 | 1,254
19 Oct 2013 #16
It would be a short discussion. The only reason these guys are in Poland is so they can pay less than in paris.
1 May 2014 #17
Merged: Work in Wroclaw for HP: best salary for a graduate job? Bachelor's Degree, Italian and English

Hi guys!
I might be moving to Wroclaw and I would like you to help me to understand which would be a good request for a salary in HP as Account Receivable Specialist?

They ask for minimum Bachelor's Degree, Italian and English, and it's a full-time graduate job.
How much do you think I would be able to get for that?
Thank you very much!

p.s. I got a Master's Degree, native italian and fluent english
smurf 39 | 1,951
1 May 2014 #19
Looks like a kind of call centre job yes?
This is the ad for it, yes?

I reckon you'd be lucky to get 4000-5000zl per month and that would be ok to survive on, but wouldn't give you a great lifestyle.

Could be less though, isn't it strange the way Polish employers don't say how much they're willing to pay?
1 May 2014 #20
Yea, that's the ad.
I don't know if that could really be considered lik a call center job, even if you will get in touch with customers.
Anyway, just to know, can 4k net considered a good salary to live in wroclaw for 1 person?
smurf 39 | 1,951
1 May 2014 #21
can 4k net considered a good salary to live in wroclaw for 1 person?

Pretty average tbh. if you're living in Italy, I wouldn't bother moving to here for only 4000zl a month.
I'd want twice that.

Your rent will be around 800-1200zl per month, food, 500zl, bills, 300-500zl a month add to that fuel if you drive.
You won't save much money and Poland doesn't exactly have a high standard of living compared to other EU countries.

Ask for 7000-8000zl they can only say no.
1 May 2014 #22
I reckon you'd be lucky to get 4000-5000zl per month

you meant gross?
Monitor 13 | 1,816
1 May 2014 #23
Yes he meant gross. I agree with Smurf. Check that,15_IL.16,22_IN193.htm
6 May 2014 #24
My polish girlfriend works at HP Globis in Wroclaw, on the same position. She gets 2300 netto per month. So I think they will for sure deny to give you anything above 2700- 2800 netto. Hope that helps.
Monitor 13 | 1,816
6 May 2014 #25
I think, that salaries varies a lot depending on foreign language used. What is your girlfriend language?
sobieski 106 | 2,118
6 May 2014 #26
It also can depend on a combination of languages you master. For example you might speak Dutch - and there are quite a few Polish people who speak Dutch on a B1/B2 level. But then you also might speak French. There are for sure Poles who do speak French quite well (I know quite a few of them). The combination however: English (English is a given in any BPO job) / Dutch / French is for sure more rare in Poland.

That's only an example, it can be applied to more language combinations.
7 May 2014 #27
Thank you guys!
Anyway I asked for 900€ net. I know that's higher than what they would be able to give me but, at least, I'm trying...and if they say no it's okay.
DominicB - | 2,707
7 May 2014 #28
Anyway I asked for 900€ net.

That's the bare minimum you should consider taking. Depends on how much they need an Italian speaker. If they're desperate, you have a chance. Otherwise, keep looking for a job that pays at least that much.
21 Jun 2014 #29
Hi ipcamp!
Did they give you this money for this position?
I'm askink you because I'm going to Lodz to cover the same position.
Just a couriosity!

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