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Job Relocation to Lodz from Mexico

9 Jul 2018 #1
Hi everyone,

I received an employment offer @ Lodz in the financial area of a Global Shared Services Center.

I am a young man with a young wife currently living at Monterrey, Mexico (24 years old), both of us speak spanish and fluent english,

They offered me 6400 PLN gross, a multisport card, relocation to poland and a bonus of 4 months of salary.

We have no children and my wife has the same work experience as me, so in case of relocation she probably will start to look for a job there too.

¿Will be enough the 6400 PLN to rent a small studio in the center and have a decent life there? (going to cinema once or twice a month, eating out of house once or twice per week, have some beers once or twice a month, take some weekends to know Poland).

We are thinking about this as a cultural experience too and also as an oportunity to start traveling Europe.

Thank you everyone for you help.
argen - | 33
9 Jul 2018 #2
Hi, It's nice to hear you. I live in Lodz and it's average salary here. Please keep in mind that 6 400 gross, is 4 500 net (that is how much you earn each month, rest of it are the taxes and contributions to national insurance company called ZUS). Most people in PL earn around 5 000 PLN. If you and your wife will work both and earn around 5 000 PLN per month each, it will be quite good for you and you can live on a good level. But if you will be only earn it could be not enough for you both.

I think that Lodz is quite good place to start. The prices here are smaller than in Warsaw (our capital) and you can find apartment in reasonable price. From the other hand if the money want satisfied you, you can looking for a job in Warsaw or some other city in PL. Lodz is also poorer that the Warsaw.

If you have any further question or need any assistance in Lodz you can contact with me at

For example:
- rent of 2 beds studio in city center (40-60 square meter) cost around 2 000 - 3 000 PLN;
- rent a room in Tricity area Gdańsk - Gdynia - Sopot (on the seaside) - 150-300 PLN per night;
- simple dinner for one person 20-35 PLN;
- dinner in fancy restaurant 40-80 PLN;
- medium pizza (40cm) - 20-30 PLN;
- bottle of coke 2 l - 5-6 PLN;
- beer in restaurant - 8-12 PLN;
- beer in the shop 3-6 PLN;
- monthly ticket for local transport (busues, tramp) - 148 PLN;
- sim card with unlimited talks and 10 GB internet - 50 PLN.

Best regards
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,643
10 Jul 2018 #3
You're correct in your assement. You'll make a bit more than the average Polish city dweller. You will be able to afford a half decent place for around 2500. Or get a bigger one and get a roommate till you move up in your career. Lodz isn't all that nice though honestly theres far nicer polish cities but its pretty big and cheaper then Warsaw Krakow. Lot of historic areas and lots of Jews. You'll live comfortably and be able to afford most things including travel but you probably won't save much especially as a young man with a wife and no kids

Right now jobs in IT and management, finance etc type jobs are in big demand and pay very high. 10k 12,15, even as high as 20k+.

Good luck and enjoy Poland man. You will have a good time there and you'll actually pick up Polish pretty quickly. Polish is pronounced almost exactly as Spanish.
OP Arivc93
10 Jul 2018 #4
Thank you both @ argen @ Dirk for your comments, I really apreciate it.

Company confirmed that I will start around the end of August there in Lodz, ¿do you know a good site where I can find appartments or studios for rent? We are planning to look for a small studio in the city center.

I will relocate without my wife for the first months so I can gain some experience in the city and make it easier for my wife when she go there.

I plan to live these months on a low budget so I can save some money, maybe rent a room in a shared flat or something like that too, and could have a backup support when my wife arrives, ¿do you think it could be difficult for her to find a job without Polish? She has experience in finance areas and shared service centers.

Also, do you know some facts about musical scene there in Lodz? I am a guitar player (metal mainly) and I would like to create or join a band to make even better my stay.

Thank you again for your comments.

If you have any further question or need any assistance in Lodz you can contact with me

Thank you so much @argen I will do it for sure.

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