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Job prospects in Gdynia / Trojmiasto ?

Agata710 1 | 2
8 Dec 2009 #1
My husband and I (currently in the US) are planning on moving to Gdynia for 2 years or so with the hope of having time to travel around Europe a little. My entire family lives there, and I am fluent (speaking, not so good at writing) in Polish. I also obtained proof of Polish citizenship last time I was there, and am planning on getting my EU passport when we move.

We have no problem working as teachers, but I was wondering what other job prospects there might be for us. I currently manage a small business and have a BA in History. My husband is learning Polish and will have a Masters Degree in English, he has worked in university administration for five years.

Any thoughts?
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,148
8 Dec 2009 #2
but I was wondering what other job prospects there might be for us.

For you... If you improve your writing skills in Polish then I think pretty much the same as in the USA but your husband will rather have serious problems to find anything else than teaching English.
OP Agata710 1 | 2
9 Dec 2009 #3
OK, thanks for the input. I figured as much, but wanted to check anyway. Teaching would be good for us in some ways, but you never know..if we decide to stay I'd probably want a better job. Thanks!
scottie1113 7 | 898
9 Dec 2009 #4
Will your husband have to get a karta pobytu to stay here even though he's married to you, a Polish citizen? Who knows? This opens up a new can of worms. If you're curious about teaching English in Poland, you should visit. esl cafe and check the forums on Poland. And regardless of your husband's qualifications and experience, a lot of the better schools will want him to have a CELTA, because teaching English here to Polish students is a completely different ball game. CELTA will open more doors for him if he chooses to go down that road.

BTW, I live and teach in Gdansk. I love this place.
childwithin 8 | 136
10 Feb 2010 #5

you could let me know when you in gdynia, i live here as well and maybe i could be of help?

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