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I have 2 job offers, should I choose Lodz or Krakow ??

3 Jun 2014 #1

I received two offers from two different cities in Poland - Lodz and Krakow.

Krakow = 3800 gross
Lodz = 4200 gross

Regarding the level of life in both cities and opportunities exisiting in each, what whould you advice me to choose. I am really confused about this two positions.

PS: I have never been there, so all the information I find about the two cities is from Internet.

Thank you for you opinions
Monitor 14 | 1,820
3 Jun 2014 #2
Rents in £ódź are over 20% cheaper than in Kraków:

So your purchasing power would differ even more than just salary difference. Then maybe choose £ódź, because it's not too much money.
Except if you will want to change your job later, then on average salaries in Kraków are higher. But we know nothing about you.
OP Hoggar213
3 Jun 2014 #3
Thank you for the information,

I am from Algeria studying in France and I plan to move to Poland together with my GF (We are both in the same field and we speak both French and English), My field of studies is Marketing.

For the moment we found offers in Customer Service field, but I am still applying to other positions in Marketing.

In this case I guess it's better to be in Krakow regarding work opportunities !! ?

As we will work both, It would make almost 8000gross per month, to rent a flat together and to spend for food. So, in this case do you think there is a chance to save some money ?

Thank you again for your help
irishlodz 1 | 135
3 Jun 2014 #4
Minus tax guesstimate.
Krakow = 3800 gross = 2900 nett
Lodz = 4200 gross = 3200 nett

For a central 30/35m2 apartment in Krakow I expect you will pay 1700-2000pln gross (incl utilities), Lodz you will pay 1400-1700.
Lodz is cheaper in general to eat and drink out as it is not a tourist city.

I Krakow you'll get by, in Lodz you might be able to save some money. If you are young and looking for fun Krakow is on of Europe's most beautiful cities.
Monitor 14 | 1,820
3 Jun 2014 #5
You can always first go to £ódź and later move to Kraków if you find better job there. It's not far to go for an interview from £ódź to Karków. Most of jobs for foreigners are in costumer service, so don't expect finding anything else in Poland. Remember that Poland is not France, here are few foreigners and some people are racist toward different skin color people or burqa wearers. Anyway you can always come and see if you feel comfortable in Poland.
OP Hoggar213
3 Jun 2014 #6
Thank you "Monitor" and "IrishLodz" for your answers.

I know it's not France and I am not expecting to find the job of my dreams in Poland, but it is more about to be with my girl friend for the next months and to know Poland and its culture more.

It's sad to hear about racism, It exists in France as well, but personally I have never faced it, maybe because I have white skin or maybe because I don't like to think even about it, not to put myself in the situation of a victim.

However, I already visited north of Poland and I was very well wellcomed, I hope it will be fine :)
Roger5 1 | 1,455
3 Jun 2014 #7
irishlodz"For a central 30/35m2 apartment in Krakow I expect you will pay 1700-2000pln"
I don't know how two people could share 30m2 and stay sane. Wouldn't it be better to go a bus-ride away at get something roomier?

Hoggar. When you say customer services, do you mean call centre? Have you got someone working on your work/residence permits?
OP Hoggar213
3 Jun 2014 #8
Yes, Customer Service in a Call Center Environment.

Yes, Two companies accepted to provide the Work Permit Application. They say It takes approximately 3 weeks to finalize it.

Regarding the apartment as you say I prefer not to rent in the Center, It doesn't disturb to use transportations.
Monitor 14 | 1,820
3 Jun 2014 #9
Have you tried asking Kraków to rise their offer at least to £ódź level? If you have 2 options, then you can always try it.

Home / Work / I have 2 job offers, should I choose Lodz or Krakow ??
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