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Job offer from company in Warsaw, EU Logistics. Is this a scam?

27 May 2013 #1
I am a US citizen living in Hawaii. I have been offered a job as a shipping agent from a company called EU Logstics in Warsaw. Can anyone tell me if I can trust this company. Do they ship anything illegal? Is this offer a scam or legitimate?
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
27 May 2013 #2
Ask yourself why they would offer you a job from abroad in a field that requires Polish skills.
bledi_nowysacz 2 | 53
27 May 2013 #3
EU Logstics in Warsaw

Can you provide more information about them? I'm currently working in logistics so I could help you with what they ship.A website? Adress? Contact person?
OP Daishin
29 May 2013 #4
the website is
Hope you can help, thank you, Albert
bledi_nowysacz 2 | 53
29 May 2013 #5
the website is

After checking it with some colleagues who work in Warsaw I have that feeling that something doesn't add up. I don't know, also the website it's a bit weird,not complete. There is not a clear information on what they really do. Another thing is that here in PL there is a program which is used by almost every logistics company in Poland and eu logistics doesn't exist on their database.

That's what I could find out. I hope it helps.
OP Daishin
30 May 2013 #6
thanks, yes it is a scam. Do you know of any logistics companies that are legitimate and looking for a shipping agent in USA, Hawaii?

I would appreciate this information very much. Albert
bledi_nowysacz 2 | 53
31 May 2013 #7
shipping agent in USA, Hawaii

No, not really. The company I work in is shipping in Europe.
Try to search: CH ROBINSON, I think it's an american-based company. That's all I know out of Europe. Sorry.
sobieski 107 | 2,128
31 May 2013 #8
CH Robinson has an office in Warsaw. I have cooperated with them before. I know most of the logistic providers in Poland...but EU Logistics...nope.
8 Dec 2013 #9
was the person who contacted you named Marian Votapka?
9 Jun 2014 #10
i got contacted by this person is this job legit
6 Aug 2014 #11
Yes it is> they hired me and 21 days later I was being prosecuted for Receiving Stolen Property and was convicted of a misdemeanor. They buy the products you send with stolen credit cards from your area. Everyone needs to know this because not one law enforcement agency even attempted to bring them to Justice they only wanted to convict me. I have never been in trouble with the Law before but this situation changed my whole life. BEWARE
6 Sep 2014 #12
I was contacted by this person is the company real or it a scam
11 Sep 2014 #13
what is the number? someone please help.
25 Sep 2014 #14
Merged: EU Logistics Company

Please do not accept a job offer from this company. I accepted an offer before I read the comments on this website. I started receiving bills in the mail for a credit card that I did not open. When I contacted the company they said that I purchased $1,400 in merchandise and they wanted me to pay the bill. I then contacyed the merchandise company and they told me that they did suspect fraud and they did not send the merchandise. I had to file a complaint with the credit card company for fraud. I am glad that I did not give the company my social security number so the one that they used was not correct and thecompany closed the account due to fraud.

Please do not accept an offer from this company it is serious trouble.
27 Feb 2015 #15
Does anyone know of a company called Start consulting in Poland .. is this a legit company? A guy named Stanley Martin called me 33 Emilie
4 Mar 2015 #16
I also got contacted by STANLEY MARTIN today saying i was offered the job of local agent .... i believe is a scam , so i dint send the application with my personal information.
Szenk88HTAFC 2 | 47
5 Mar 2015 #17
Guys, a bit of background work will help solve this problem.

Check the main page, littered with spelling errors, poor grammar and not presented in a way that would suggest it was a viable company.

Secondly, the picture of the gentleman at the bottom left hand corner of the page is a picture of a gentleman called Joseph Saporito, he is the Executive Vice President, Global Supply Chain, Eurocopter Group.

I would not trust this page.
jon357 71 | 20,789
5 Mar 2015 #18

The stuff in the above link in itself doesn't mean there's anything dodgy, but like the poster above, I wasn't inspired by their website. Emilii Plater 53, their Polish address, is a particularly expensive building though one company offers mailing addresses there rather than actually renting out space.
10 Mar 2015 #19
I also got a mail from Stanley Martin offering me Local Agent position in Start Consulting Poland. What should I do? Is this fraud or a genuine offer? can anyone help me..
17 Mar 2015 #20
I also received the same offer from Stanley Martin. Did you know something?
jon357 71 | 20,789
17 Mar 2015 #21
How is he getting your names and email addresses? Someone mentioned a thing called Craigslist which I googled - it looks like an American version of Gumtree. That in itself should be a clue. If the offer's that good, why are they emailing people from a website full of classifieds rather than just putting an advert somewhere better and waiting for the best candidates to respond?
6 Aug 2015 #22
start consulting inc is a scam. I have reported them to rcmp

to clarify the one in Poland. Stanley martin contacted me as well

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