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Looking for Job - MBA (Marketing) - Krakow area, 5 years in Oracle India; Married to Pole

Ksiesna 1 | 3
29 Jan 2013 #1
Any suggestions for getting well paid Job in field of Marketing in Poland (preferably Krakow/Close by ) locations with MBA(Marketing) and 5 years in Oracle, India
Sir Gibs - | 1
29 Jan 2013 #2
What kind of job are you looking for and where are you from?
OP Ksiesna 1 | 3
30 Jan 2013 #3
I am from India and plan to come to Poland for first time. I am looking for Job in area of Marketing -Pre-Sales, Corporate Communication, Business Proposals Preparation, Project Management Office.Since my work experience is in Oracle, which is IT company, hence I am searching for a job in similar field in IT MNC in Krakow.
Monitor 14 | 1,820
1 Mar 2013 #4

Check, send your cv to biggest corporation. Don't expect well paid job if you don't know polish.
jwojcie 2 | 763
2 Mar 2013 #5
I understand you have been working in Oracle in India? Which products of Oracle you have been dealing with exactly?
Why didn't you try to transfer to Oracle Poland?
4 Mar 2013 #6
hi jwojcie,

thanks for the suggestions. I had been workin on Oracle ERP solutions for BFSI . Yes I tried transfer to Oracle Poland but was not considered due to language issue. Well..... of late my husband plans to work and settle in India so I dont think I will be coming to Poland anyhow.

We will be settling in India and are excited about it. Thanks a lot once again for responding to my query.
Mazako23 - | 1
29 May 2018 #7

Work offers in Poland - I have a bachelor degree in commerce from India and experience as a night auditor

hello every one i have a bachelors degree in commerce from india and have a work experience of a night auditor in Dubai and as assistant manager at saudi arabia but i am looking forward for opportunities in Poland now.

i have been offered a job in warehousing but the work is nothing related to my previous experience but due to lack of knowledge in the region i have no other option at hand as usually we don't get job offers from the company directly, its through consultation agencies. please share your knowledge and thoughts on this topic. thank you

Home / Work / Looking for Job - MBA (Marketing) - Krakow area, 5 years in Oracle India; Married to Pole
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