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Polish / Irish couple with kids moving to Warsaw - finding a job without any connections.

OP Annitta
26 Apr 2017 #31
Delphiandomine thank you for your post. I would be definitely interested in all offers you have made. We will be in poland between 5-15 May mainly in Katowice Warsaw and Wroclaw. Please let me know how to pm you. Thank you!!
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
26 Apr 2017 #32
You need to register on the forum and make 2/3 posts - once you do that, the PM function will be enabled :)
Atch 17 | 4,086
27 Apr 2017 #33
Annitta would you not get your husband to contact the Irish Polish Chamber of Commerce in Dublin?

It would be a start at making some contacts and they may at least have some suggestions. You may need to put a bit of groundwork into this process for a year or so, building a network like Dominic says. Your husband sounds like a very energetic guy who will need to be active, definitely not ready for early retirement. This is really going to be your biggest challenge, you will probably settle down ok though you will miss certain things about Ireland that you've come to take for granted over the years you've been there. It's a much 'easier' place to live than Poland in a myriad of ways. Your kids will be fine, though the older one may take a few months to settle.

I would agree with the other posters about the Polish language. How much Polish does your husband have now? Even if you think he doesn't need it professionally, he will still need it in his personal life and for day to day encounters. Although many more people speak English in Poland these days, it's by no means everyone and the amount of English they speak varies greatly. You don't want to see him in a position where his ten year old daughter needs to accompany him to the post office or bank because he only has basic phrase book Polish or he can't make a phone call to query his gas bill and has to wait for you to come home and do it.
Annitta - | 4
27 Apr 2017 #34
Thanks guys all the info i got here is so valuable. Atch its a v good idea re chamber of commerce. I am making arrangements to meet with the school/nursery and visit Zalesie.
cms 9 | 1,255
28 Apr 2017 #35
I think there are opportunities but well paid ones with no Polish will be very tough to find. I think one problem is that there is work for expats here but your husband has wide experience in finance but not deep. He has done 5 years of different things when really the areas where foreigners still add value is if they have done 20 years of one thing like treasury, compliance or structured finance. That might be the case that your Irish acquaintances have in Warsaw.

An organisation like McKinsey would not take him - they want recently qualified MBAs or top tier students who they can work to death. much better would be to look around private equity firms, or take up Delphs offer re the start up scene (money would be low but it would be fun, keep him busy and help build a network). Or you could go direct to some of the VC funds like Experior, Nest etc - can all be accessed via LinkedIn.

Good luck - if he is an open minded guy then something will come up.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
28 Apr 2017 #36
or take up Delphs offer re the start up scene (money would be low but it would be fun, keep him busy and help build a network).

I actually think the money could be reasonable enough if he knows how to sell. There's so many startups in Western Poland who simply don't know how to push their product to Western eyes, and they just end up trying to copy how the Americans do things without success. They won't have the cash to pay him a high salary for being there, but they'll certainly be willing to negotiate on a commission-only basis.

The problem is having to work with "Januszek", but not speaking Polish can be an advantage there.
Annitta - | 4
29 Apr 2017 #37
Thanks guys. I agree mckinsey deloitte etc are totally of no interest. We dont need him to have well paid job. We will need to keep him busy. He is excellent in networking with 15k+contacts o linked in. Im optimistic that by making first meetings that ive lined up we will take off.

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