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Hewlett-Packard salary expectation in Lodz

italian 3 | 8
27 Apr 2015 #1
Hi everybody,
I would apply for an HP position in Lodz ( but I didn't found salary informations on glassdoor.

Could be "5000zl brutto negotiable" a reasonable answer to be considered (or it is too high) if they ask my salary expectation?
thank you
30 Apr 2015 #2
Avarge Polish sallary is 2800 zl netto so in my opinion 5000 is well over the limit.
You can always try you never know!
OP italian 3 | 8
30 Apr 2015 #3
Thank you for the answer, do you believe 2800zl netto is sufficient for living in Lodz?
I imagine to rent a room, take bus every day, heatings, bills, foods etc. I don't smoke and don't drunk alcoholics, my only passion is doing sport but I think HP provide Sports Card or something of similar.

I think I'm going to ask 4300/4400zl brutto
istannbullu34 1 | 100
3 May 2015 #4

I lived there for half a year with similar salary. around 1100-1300 PLN for studio (all inclusive) 500-600 for food and 400-500 I was spending for myself. It depends on how much you can control the amount you get every month.
OP italian 3 | 8
5 May 2015 #5
Very interesting, in your opinion is it possible survive with 2800zl netto in Wroclaw? :(
istannbullu34 1 | 100
6 May 2015 #6
I heard from friends that Wroclaw is more expensive than Lodz (just what I have heard), it can mostly differ with the amount of flat rent- I still think you can survive but you will not have a very comfortable life - if you do not have any problems with sharing a flat, you can do a little better.

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