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Help on Relocation and Accommodation Info in Krakow - African guy

NLeRoy 2 | 3
18 May 2015 #1
Hi Guys/Gals,

Greetings to you all.

I am an African guy and recently accepted offer from a company in Krakow, Poland and I am due to resume work by late July.

My concerned:

As an African, which area will be safe to live around Krakow and precisely close to Armii Krajowej street 18, where my office is located?
I am looking at one room apartment or studio with all in all of 2000pln. How many years or month will the landlord demand in advance if that amount is feasible?

Similarly, what is the best option to go about looking for the above apartment or studio? Option A; Looking for an agents while here in Africa? Or Option B; rent a temporary place from here then when I arrive Poland I can now start searching for the right accommodation.

What are the best places online to execute (search for information) for any of the above best option?

Also, any African community around Krakow?

Thanks in advance and sorry for the long post.
jon357 74 | 21,819
18 May 2015 #2
Option B is better. You'll find somewhere at that price (though if "all in" includes bills, you'd probably be looking at a studio in a decent area of Kraków or 2 very small rooms in a less good place). Anywhere between your workplace and the centre should be safe - there are only a few areas to avoid, mostly big housing estates. As a rule, the nearer the centr, the more expensive, though there are always exceptions. If you take option B, you'll be able to ask colleagues which is the best bet.

Most landlords want a month's rent as deposit and the first month in advance - this does vary though. If an agent is involved (avoid!) they will want a month or half a month's rent, basically for doing nothing.

You should look on the website Gumtree Polska - it's generally a good way to find flats and you can check the box 'owner only' to avoid ads from agents (though beware of agents pretending to be the owner). Another good way is to ask colleagues - personal,contacts are always the best.

I don't know about an African community however there are certainly African people there and because of the universities, there are people from around the world.
OP NLeRoy 2 | 3
18 May 2015 #3
Hi jon357,

Thanks a bunch for the response. I really appreciate your time.
wannabepolish - | 3
7 Jun 2015 #4
I know a Nigerian in Krakow, lives around Podgorze, some 10 minutes travel to city centre by tram. I'd ask him, he will be a good contact for you when you arrive.

NLeRoy ,

His name is Eddy, email address is medeckbruce@gmail. You can contact him directly.
OP NLeRoy 2 | 3
9 Jun 2015 #5
Hi Wannabepolish,

Thanks very much for this. I will contact him immediately.

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