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Finding a Job in a Game Development Studio around Krakow

Levantine 2 | -
28 Sep 2011 #1
Greetings All,
I am a fresh Computer Science graduate from Lebanon looking to fulfill his childhood dream of making video games. Seeing as Lebanon offers no opportunity in this field, i have set my sights for Eastern Europe, where a host of successful gaming studios are located. I have already visited Poland a couple of times, and have learned that there are various start up studios springing up in and around Krakow. Add to that two renowned studios located in Warsaw, "People Can Fly" and "CD Projekt", the same studios behind The Witcher games and Painkiller. I know that my chances are quite grim, but seeing that i have a passion for video games, i already have a couple of games under my belt, developed using the UDK. I have also spearheaded a project to build interactive environments modeled and programmed using a conglomeration of different tools and scripts.

So can anyone, with some experience in the field, give me any hints as to how i would fare if i were to start applying to the various gaming studios?
croggers 7 | 109
24 Nov 2011 #2

Hi, try this mate, they may have an office in Krakow but not sure

CD Projekt Localisation Centre Sp. z o.o.
ul. JagielloĊ„ska 74 - Budynek E
03-301 Warsaw, POLAND

tel. +48 664.455.212 or 213
fax. +48 225.196.949
rygar - | 40
27 Nov 2011 #3
people can fly is part of Epic, so UDK experience may actually be a pretty good skill

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