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How to find work in Warsaw "if u don't speak Polish" !

13 Feb 2015 #31
Hi i went to Poland for Christmas and I'm interested to find a job there. I'm from South America Venezuela and I speak English and Spanish. Any recommendations for me to find a job in Warsaw ?
28 Mar 2015 #32
Hi javier123!

I am currently working in a good company looking desperately for spanish speakers! leave your e-mail here and I will contact you. :)
Lyzko 33 | 8,153
28 Mar 2015 #33
How to find work in Warsaw......."? Easy! Lots and lots of Poles know German, others Russian or French, many still, some variety of EnglishLOL

You know uuat aj tolkink??
JollyRomek 7 | 481
28 Mar 2015 #34

Again, according to your own statement, you are based in the U.S. How can you comment on the situation in Poland with a "LOL"? I find it your insight knowledge from across the pond absolutely amazing.......
Lyzko 33 | 8,153
28 Mar 2015 #35
To one who reads, e-mails, interacts, i.e. webcams etc. on a daily basis, it's scarecely "amazing", it's simply normal!
Yes, I live here in the States. And yes, you live in Poland. Why should any enlightened, sentient being claim amazement by stuff which most other enlightened people take for granted??
JollyRomek 7 | 481
28 Mar 2015 #36
Your whole post does not make sense. Are you able to give a realistic statement from the U.S. about the situation in Poland or not? So far it is only mambo jambo.
Lyzko 33 | 8,153
28 Mar 2015 #37
You mean "mUmbo-jUmbo"??

I've travelled enough throughout the world, i.e. Europe and Israel, to know that lack of knowledge of the target language where one is visiting/working or living can be a tremendous deficit, that's all I'm saying!!

Everyone abroad claims to know English. Everyone in America claims to have a driver's license. Not everyone does, and frankly, not everyone can. Some of us are less talented with languages, same with driving. So why not simply ADMIT IT??

Finally, yes, I can pass judgement about Poland because I too have been there, albeit not for long. I still have acquaintances with whom I remain up to date.
JollyRomek 7 | 481
28 Mar 2015 #38
So why not simply ADMIT IT??

You are missing the point. There is nothing to admit. You do not need to know Polish to be part of society in Poland. Yes, it helps but it is not a must. But anything you say does not change the fact that you would not know because you don't live in Poland. You are based in the U.S.. What you write here are only assumptions.
Lyzko 33 | 8,153
28 Mar 2015 #39
OK, JollyRomek. Let's just concede you're right! Is it a "must" to know German to integrate into German society?

In my long experience, whenever I've decided to do Germans a favor and speak in English with them (..only for their practice, of course), the results have often been questionable, at best:-) I've never really understood them, and they've never really understood me. As civilized humans, we've merely ended up being polite to one another. We've ALWAYS had to resort to speaking German. They felt weird, granted, but at least I understood exactly what they meant and they could express themselves naturally.

When last in Poland, in Szczecin (Stettin to you), I was invited to a journalist's talk. If I hadn't spoken Polish, the entire evening would have been an exercise in futility.

Perhaps the problem lies in the fact that you don't quite understand what I mean:-)
JollyRomek 7 | 481
28 Mar 2015 #40
Possibly, yes, but I am most likely not the only one.........
DominicB - | 2,709
28 Mar 2015 #41
You do not need to know Polish to be part of society in Poland.

Is it a "must" to know German to integrate into German society?

I've lived in both Germany and Poland, and Denmark, as well, and speak all three languages well. Yes, it is difficult, if not impossible, to be "part of society" if you don't know the local language, and read extensively the local literature and press. You can survive, that's true, and maybe even live relatively comfortably. More so in Denmark than in Poland, but without deep knowledge of the local language and culture, like history, politics, geography and literature, you will be most certainly an outsider.

This doesn't mean that you will not be able to make friends, especially among younger students and educated people. But you will be limited in whom you will be able to communicate with and in understanding the significance and context of events, happenings and other social phenomena that, in a conversation, the other party would just assume you know already.

Knowing the local language, culture and literature well put you on a whole different plane of existence than those who don't.
Lyzko 33 | 8,153
30 Mar 2015 #42
JollyRomek, I somehow doubt that if English were your first language you would've missunderstood my prior post(s):-)
15 Jun 2015 #43
Hey Guys!
I'm Russian, who lives in Ukraine right now and I'm searching for the job in Warsaw. I don't have a residence permit there, so I need the company to assist in getting it. (I'm ready to cover the expenses as well if needed)

Maybe some of you knows if Russian speaking staff is needed :) any help or info is kindly appreciated.
Yana (y.dzyuba@hotmail)
JollyRomek 7 | 481
15 Jun 2015 #44
Hi Yana, i am not sure about Warsaw but I know of a company in Lodz that would certainly be looking for Russian speakers. They would sort out your work permit and relocation for you.

It is not Warsaw, but Lodz is just 1 hour 15 minutes away from Warsaw by car. PM me if you would like to know more.
gumishu 11 | 5,993
15 Jun 2015 #45
PM me if you would like to know more.

she can't PM you - she is not registered - I am not sure how it is now but before even after you had registered you had to post a couple of times before you could PM other people
16 Jun 2015 #46
Hi There!!

I'am a 25 man from Chile with a management and administration college degree. I just went to Europe and, in my short stay, i fell in love with Poland. And doing some research i found this forum so, if you don't mind, what would you recommend me in therms of job surfing in Warsaw and Katowice? I read a post up there from a girl who was looking for spanish speakers but, is that real? i mean, are there really job opportunities for native spanish/english speakers with a college degree? I have good working experience too but, i need help in therms of how to be sure where to look and, therefore, be totally sure about going there.

Every bit of information is welcome :)!! Thanks!!
16 Jun 2015 #47
@Chilean: as a non EU citizen, you'll need to have a potential employer get a work permit for you and why should he go through the hassle when people from Spain and UK (only to mention native speakers of Spanish and English) are allowed to work in Poland without formalities? Spanish and UK people can offer what skills you have.

As to Poland (and any other place), there is a HUGE difference between spending a few days as a tourist and really live, i.e. work, pay tax, function within the society.

Also, as to Katowice, it's one of the ugliest cities in Poland (and not only) and also the 3rd most polluted city in all EU (no.1 being Krakow and no.2 Sofia).
16 Jun 2015 #48

Been thinking the same thing over and over plus the Polish language barrier that i have. The only areas that i thought this could work were tourism areas or organizations with direct business links with south America. Thanks for the insight Gosc123456!! I'll still try to find something but yeah, it's not profitable for the company if it involves hassles.

Thanks for the incredibly fast answer!!
DominicB - | 2,709
16 Jun 2015 #49
a management and administration college degree

That degree is just about worthless on the Polish job market without abundant experience to back it up. It seems like everyone, their mother and their dog have a degree in that field. It's a problem of massive oversupply.

are there really job opportunities for native spanish/english speakears with a college degree?

Perhaps a few, but for EU residents from Spain, not for non-EU residents. As Gosc said, nobody is going to go through the hassle of getting a work permit to hire you.

i fell in love with poland

You'll fall out of love very quick when you realize that wages are low and the cost of living is relatively high, That is why so many Poles leave Poland to find work in richer countries, and not the other way around.
Yana - | 3
18 Jun 2015 #50
JollyRomek, thank you for your prompt reply.
That's true.. even if I'm registered now, I cant reply via PM :) that's why I better leave my email: y.dzyuba@hotmail.

And.. I'm very interested in the opportunity in Lodz :)
Thank you in advance.
Lyzko 33 | 8,153
18 Jun 2015 #51

At least you'll have the advantage of being able to learn Polish more easily than our Chilean friend:-)

Powodzenia, Yanuszko!
Yana - | 3
18 Jun 2015 #52
@ Lyzko
:))) always ready for smth new, and polish language as well.. I hope my Ukrainian will help me:)
Looks like you wished me good luck? :))) Thank you, Lyzko
Lyzko 33 | 8,153
18 Jun 2015 #53
..and with Ukrainian as a first language, boy, you're practically home freeLOL
Indeed, I did wish you luck. Proszę bardzo:-) You're most welcome.

Dobrej zabawy! (Have fun!)
Yana - | 3
18 Jun 2015 #54
Yeah... I'm Russian but live in Ukraine ))) Happens, ha? )))))))
At least Polish sounds quite clear to me. Thanks anyway )) Good lesson of Polish ;)
Lyzko 33 | 8,153
18 Jun 2015 #55
Pleasure, Yanusiu:-)


Kak dela? Co słychać? = How's it going?

I suppose you've gleaned thus far that there are sundry false friends between Polish and Russian (not to mention words which don't exist in EITHER languageLOL).
JollyRomek 7 | 481
19 Jun 2015 #56
JollyRomek, thank you for your prompt reply.

No problem. Check PM
12 Jul 2015 #57
Go to all of you,
I have problem finding a job in Poland. I speak polish Arabic and English. If you have an idea what can I do in Warsaw (job) that would be grate.

Please contact me on my email.
Best regards
Polsyr 6 | 769
12 Jul 2015 #58
@Yousif any professional qualifications? Google a company called "Accenture" - they are frequently hiring Arabic speakers for their branch in Warsaw.
Wulkan - | 3,243
12 Jul 2015 #59
I speak polish Arabic

I've never heard of such a variant of Arabic, there could be a demand for it on the job market.
Lyzko 33 | 8,153
12 Jul 2015 #60
Think he means "Polish AND Arabic"!

Maybe he means some immigrant dialect of Polish (or of Arabic, kind of like "Turkish-German" aka Kanakendeutsch)??

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