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English-speaker wanting to learn Italian; German etc in Warsaw

11 Apr 2013 #1

My boyfriend is going to study in Warsaw from October 2013 through to January 2014 and I am going to move with him just for the chance to experience a new culture, new city etc.

I am definitely eager to pick up some basic Polish but while I am in Warsaw, I would also like to study another European language such as Italian or German. As a native English speaker I am thus looking for classes in Warsaw that teach foreigners languages other than Polish.

I know that the universities offer such classes but are these only available to exchange students and students of the university? Or is it possible for me to pay to attend these courses?

I appreciate your help.

Thanks :)
4 May 2013 #2
You don't need to take any course to learn German. There is a program I use it's called "German Lingo" which I think it's a very nice program if you wanna learn German. I don't know anything about Italian.
5 May 2013 #3
Just took a gander for myself at this germanlingo program and while (from my perspective as a German teacher) the principle seems fine, I worry that a bit too much may be placed on learning vocabulary as an end in itself, rather than focusing on its use in realistic context.

This is only my opinion, however. Most language learning methods, Pimsleuer, Rosetta Stone etc.., all fall far short of their intended goal because their method becomes gimmicky over time and never replaces that invaluable source of an educated native speaker willing to share their language with you!
3 Aug 2013 #4

I am moving to Warsaw in October 2013.
I am Italian, and at the moment I am living in South Australia (just graduated with my MBA). Here I worked part-time as a private Italian language tutor, therefore I could help you with Italian and I will take the lessons in English first and then in Italian. For further information, you can contact me at annachiappini@yahoo

Cheers :)
paulina28 - | 3
13 Nov 2014 #5
You're right - in Poland there is a lot of schools that teach European languages, but I do not know they teach in Polish or in English. But As far as I know, Berlitz has the best offer of learning Italian, Spanish and German in English. Here you have some information about it - Good luck and best regards :)

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