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English classes in Polish? (college)

sammyta24 1 | -
7 Apr 2010 #1
I was born American and I have never been to Poland
but I only spoke polish for the first five years of my life and then learned English
I go to polish school now and I am 16
my reading, writing, and speaking isn't the best
but I want to improve it and go to school in Poland
and here are my questions:

- can I take the same classes in Poland that I can in America? like my basic classes that I need to graduate.
- if I take classes in Poland can I transfer my grades back to an American college if I decide to come back?
- where are some locations?
- are there dorm rooms in polish colleges?
- is it more expensive to be a student in Poland or America?
TIT 5 | 211
7 Apr 2010 #2
somebody fcuked up your bilingual time ( 5-10 ) but you are still young
Ksysia 25 | 430
7 Apr 2010 #3
Hi, Sammy,
the classes are prescribed, you can't select them. There are classes from each topic: geography, chemistry, physics, math, Polish language, Polish history.

That means you would not be learning American History or English as a local language.

You can transfer the grades, a lot of people from Poland study in the US. This will require hiring a professional translator to do you grade sheet, and will be around $100.

Locations... well, if you are talking about a high school, they are everywhere. The ranking schools are mentioned in Rzeczpospolita every year, but I don't recomment them.
You would have years of Polish History backlog. And there are different programs than in the US, for example you would be taught differencials at 17yo in Poland - and in the US only if you took Math Honors.

If you are talking about a college, then we don't have many, they are mostly 5 year Universities. Warsaw Uni is good for Math and programming, Lodz is good in Polish Language, Krakow is good in History, Gliwice is good in Automation, Engineering, etc. The Unis are divided to Politechnics for engineers, and Universities for MAs. If all you want is a two year bachelors, try the Clark's, which is a Polish division of the American school.

There are dorm rooms. They are mostly at barrack standard as young people in Poland are expected to be a little Spartan and mostly preoccupied with partying anyway. But foreginers usually get the nice dorm to themselves.

In Poland the dorm is cheaper, the college is free if you pay taxes in poland. So you will probably have to pay, unless you claim citizenship quickly and register a living with your Polish relatives. Food and drink is more expensive than in the US, you can't pay $6 to eat all you can eat. but use student catneens. That's like any school food. A drink in a bar costs 8-15PLN, which would be $3-5 depending on the exchange rate. Clothes are definitely more expensive, bring them with you.

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