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Empik in Opole, stay away (teachers not treated well)

5 Jun 2013 #1
If you want to learn English in Opole, stay away from Empik. Everybody knows that the teachers are treated like carpet. The DOS gets paid to never be there! The director wants the teachers to do her work and seems incapable of doing anything herself. Empik just want money. As for the quality of learning, look elsewhere...
subarumad 1 | 21
5 Jun 2013 #2
Isn't that 95% of the so called English language schools in Poland?
It certainly is in Wroclaw. Trying to find a good school, a good quality school is trying to find some fresh, healthy and tasty bread in Chata Polska, not an easy task.

So in Wroclaw we can forget:
Moose (This is the actual name, I'm not making this up!)
Yes school (Krzyki) they like teachers to work for FREE, just google their name to check on their reputation, lol
Speak Up
City English

I could go on, but I just want to give a brief summary
newpip - | 140
5 Jun 2013 #3
maybe you could put a list of the good ones too?
subarumad 1 | 21
10 Jun 2013 #4
lol, a list of good ones, maybe not a list but one or two. I've been here 8 years, and only 2 so called English language schools pay on time
romansmith - | 1
12 Jun 2014 #5
Hello, Could elaborate a bit more on what happened at Empik Opole, please?
8 Jan 2015 #6
Everyone knows Empik suck. But then so do Poligotus in Opole. Nobody cares. Its a joke.
mcrpolak 6 | 36
10 Nov 2015 #7
All these "English" teachers who turn up with a quick CELTA certificate and then moan that end up working for shoddy firms for 4,000PLN per month.

Tough life.
10 Nov 2015 #8
I worked for Empik in Zielona Gora and they did very good by their students.

I also had a friend that worked for Poligotus in Opole. I can't speak for the other teachers but I knew him to be very professional and well prepared.

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