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Polish MD degree; is it the same as MMed?

Papiez 1 | 23
7 Apr 2010 #1
A friend of mine(Polish)graduated with a medical doctor degree in Poland and now she is working as an assistant lecturer at one of the polish medical universities.She is using the title of Masters of Medicine(MMed) after her name,just from the MD degree she has which took her 6years at a medical school.I asked her if its equal/equivalent to Masters of medicine degree and she said yes cos from the day she started the medical school it was written in her 'index' that she was doing Magister meaning Masters.

So my qtns are:Is it correct for her to use the title?Is Magistra degree from a polish medical school equal/equivalent to Masters of Medicine(from the West)?

Thanks guys
jonni 16 | 2,485
7 Apr 2010 #2
All first level medical degrees are equivalent - the name varies from country to country - in the UK different universities even use different names. MD, BM, MMD, DM etc; the important thing is that it gives a recognised qualification to join a professional body and practise medicine.
OP Papiez 1 | 23
7 Apr 2010 #3
Yes good answer but the confusion is there are countries which award a medical degree (MD)after 5yrs and yet the same student will need to go through 3 or more years to be called MMed.And now he can work as an assistant lecturer or still practice medicine if they want.

So 6yrs medical school stay can be awarded the same qualification as +8 yrs stay?Or to put it in another way:If these 2 graduates attend an international symposium/conference and required to make arguments,Will they flow out similar materials?
lowfunk99 10 | 397
7 Apr 2010 #4
My friend is a doctor in Poland. She only had to test and do a residency here in the US.
SzwedwPolsce 11 | 1,595
7 Apr 2010 #5
If you gradute from Medical School (kierunek lekarski) you can get license to work as a doctor in all EU-countries, and after USMLE (of course) in the U.S. too.

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